21 grams of love-1

/November 2021

The boy and the girl are in the same class, the boy is silent, the girl is lively and lovely, the boy likes the girl, the girl does not know, the girl likes the boy, but the boy does not know, they are silent to each other, the girl studies very well, sit in the same row of the boy, they are all the objects that the teacher takes special care of, the girl is sick, the boy's heart is like colic, but he does not know what to do, the girl's performance is not ideal. 

The boy can only pray for her silently in his heart, the girl is sad, the boy will feel that life is worse than death, but he does not know how to comfort the girl, br/ he can only look at the beautiful girl in class, and the girl is not so? 

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They are not good at expressing their feelings, so three years have passed and they are in the third year of high school, while the boy has never said a word to the girl. 

Until one day, during the exam, the boy suddenly found that his pencil was gone and he had to borrow it from someone else, so he thought of the girl. He tried to calm himself down and blushed and borrowed the pencil from the girl. The girl readily lent it to him. The boy was very happy and the exam was over. Of course, the boy didn't do well in the exam, because he kept thinking about the girl, and the girl didn't do well in the exam, because she kept thinking about the boy. 

But they did not say a word except thank you and you are welcome. The boy returned the pencil to the girl, and the girl casually put it in the pencil box. The boy was a little sad, but he didn't say anything. The exam came again. The girl took out the pencil and was ready to answer the question. She froze. What a pencil it is, so smooth, so meticulous, so exciting. 

The girl's eyes were a little wet. She understood why the boy looked a little sad when she put the pencil into the pencil box at random. Finally, she scratched it on the desk and shed tears. 

In a twinkling of an eye, the college entrance examination is coming, but they still don't know each other's hearts. 

Does love mean torturing each other? 

The boy is silent all day, his heart is broken, and the girl is often not! 

The boy can't let go of the girl, and he loves her too much. To talk more with the girl, and don't let the girl understand his heart, the naive boy always borrows a pencil from the girl before the exam, and gradually the girl finds out, but they still love the boy, but she is so stupid that she just has to grind the pencil on the ground every time before borrowing the pencil so that the boy has a reason to sell pencils for her.