Romantic till death do us part-1

/November 2021

Every time the girl in the next office came to borrow an eraser from an engineer in the design room, her colleagues mischievously sang "your deskmate": "you used to be very careful and asked me to borrow half an eraser." 

At that time, the sky was always blue. " 

Lin Yang just graduated to work in this cultural company, often seeing such a vivid picture, will be a little sad. 

She broke up with her first boyfriend in college five months ago, and four years of "deskmate love" also took place under the "very blue sky". 

At that time, they were carefree, pure love, gardenia blooming, each petal is love, and without selfish thoughts to incense. 

However, on the eve of graduation, they had contradictions and disputes: the mother wanted her daughter to return to Fuzhou because there were many relations in her hometown, so her career development was more secure in the future, while her boyfriend Geng Yinan asked her to stay in Beijing, and there was a big website that wanted to sign him for a long time. 

In this way, for the time being, no one can convince each other, no one can compromise, and the bottleneck of love tests the two once pure and happy hearts for the first time. 

Misunderstandings are easy to understand. 

Doesn't graduation mean lovelorn? 

Maybe I can't escape this fate. 

Under the strong leadership of her mother, Lin Yang had to carry bags of memories and was nostalgic for the private car her parents had come to pick her up from thousands of miles away. 

It turned out that to give their daughter a "firmer heart to go home", parents took turns driving to Beijing from Fuzhou. 

On the long march, she really could not refuse her parents' good intentions. 

She prayed that the moment she got on the bus, she would see her boyfriend running over to block her car and move her parents' heart of stone. 

However, he never showed up. 

When Lin Yang deliberately disclosed this information when she finally spoke to him the day before, she kept saying to herself that as long as he insisted on it, her persistence might collapse completely. 

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However, he respected her persistence too much. 

Not giving up, she rolled down the window and looked back. Along the way, there were farewell crowds carrying bags. They said goodbye to each other, and they made love with each other. 

However, he is the only one absent, the Beijing boy who taught her to correctly curl her tongue, the boy who likes to play badminton with himself under the tree. 

Especially under the big trees in autumn, occasionally there are fallen leaves and badminton flying together, the instant interference and hesitation have added a lot of interest to their love.