Love can never be torn apart-2

/November 2021

What Rakuten said is not unreasonable, but I have decided to go, and my capriciousness has once again gained the upper hand at the critical moment. 

"I didn't ask you to stay with me forever. You can stay by yourself." 

Rakuten suddenly lost his temper, and he took my hand impulsively: "you, how can you say such a thing? who do you think I am?" 

Rakuten never coaxed me with sweet words, his love is closer to a kind of loyalty, and this kind of loyalty can not be achieved by everyone. 

The next day, Rakuten decisively quit his job in an advertising agency and flew to Beijing with me. 

Rakuten was still doing his old job, and my online editor was good at it, but later I couldn't stand the company's strict management rules and seemingly simple but complex relationships, so I chose to flee again after less than two years. 

Rakuten seems to have been completely accustomed to my haste and recklessness. He didn't say anything but warned me slightly in a sarcastic tone: "Xinyu, I find that you are like a child who will never grow up, but I am afraid that you will grow up. Do you know why?" 

I pretended to be pure and deliberately turned against him: "of course I know. Are you afraid that my wings will harden and fly away by myself?" 

"nonsense. I'm afraid that when you're mature and steady, you won't wonder anymore." 

Rakuten's eyes are still full of loyalty, but I can't believe everything he says is true, because I know it's unfair to Rakuten. 

In the following years, we have been passers-by in the ancient city of Xi'an, the foggy capital of Chongqing, and Guilin and Guizhou. Although we have no fixed abode, we have enjoyed the beautiful and rich natural scenery of the motherland. Rakuten solemnly gave me a special job title: "Traveler." 

I impolitely gave him a nickname: "entourage." 

Rakuten is somewhat dissatisfied: "is it too easy?" 

You might as well be called the servant of love. " 

When the autumn of 20xx was crisp, we finally settled down in Shenzhen. 

Rakuten spent all its money to buy a house with two bedrooms and one living room, at the same time spent a lot of effort on decoration, more than 70 square meters of space filled with romantic and warm atmosphere. 

On the night of the full moon of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Rakuten held me in his arms: "Xinyu, let's get married."

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