21 grams of love-3

/November 2021

The next day she still did not see the boy, and the next day she also did not see the boy. She heard the classmate say that he had transferred to another school, and the girl cried all night. She loved the boy too much, but the sentence "I love you very much, loved you very much" stayed in her heart forever. The girl was no longer lively, she began to become introverted, and no one knows why. (except for you and me, of course) the girl studies harder, she loves the boy too much. 

Finally, on the college entrance examination, the girl did very well, but she is not happy, because she loves boys too much. 

Soon the girl went to her ideal university, where the girl's broken heart gradually began to heal, the girl had a new boyfriend, the boyfriend loved the girl very much, and the girl felt a little happy. 

The girl always cries at night, she misses the boy too much, she can't let go of the boy, under the torture of strong missing, the girl begins to look crisp and distressing, the girl's boyfriend loves the girl more, but one thing he doesn't know, never know, the girl is still suffering alone every night, she loves the boy too much, she can't let go of the boy, never let go. 

One day the girl's boyfriend gave the girl two movie tickets and invited the girl to see a movie, but he could not accompany the girl with something important. Of course, the kind-hearted girl could understand by letting the girl find a friend. 

But the girl went alone instead of looking for her friend. 

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The girl found a corner and sat down. she saw a pair of lovers snuggling together so lovingly, and her heart ached again. she missed the boy so much. She wanted to see the boy so much. She begged God to see him, but God could not see him. She thought that if she could see the boy again, she would be desperate to say to the boy: I love you, very much. 

Isn't that the case with boys? 

But it's too late. It's too late. 

The boy said to the girl, "I love you, very much, very much", but the girl did not understand.