Meeting you at the age of 16

/November 2021

After six months of work, I found that the beauty I had thought was not reality at all. I went to and from work on time every day and had many rules and regulations at work. I wanted to go back to school. I had to put up with it because of my agreement with my parents at that time. 

Suddenly, one morning, at work, two big boys came up to me to say hello. One of them looked too shy and reserved to speak, and the other made a careless introduction. I was very scared at that time. As if I were aware of something. 

The next few days in the morning I saw him blushing and looking at me not far away. I felt a little happy. I had never felt like this before. Although everyone didn't talk, I still wanted to see you. 

In a unit activity, we went to the skating rink together, you skated very well, and I played for the first time, so you naturally acted as my mentor, we talked for the first time, held hands for the first time, hehe, did you arrange this a long time ago? 

In the days after that, we were assigned to work in a class, so we secretly commute to and from work together, and when we were free, we whispered in the hallway. It looked simple and sweet, although we didn't know each other for a long time. But when I can't see you, my head is full of your shadow. Is this my first love? 

First love, what a warm, sweet, and slightly sad word. 

It carries all the dreams of our youth, all the madness of youth, all the initiation of love, all concentrated in it. 

Everyone has only one first love, sweet or sad, in any case, first love is always the softest and most unforgettable place in the heart. 

At that time, we were young, but we were committed to our first love. We always cherished it very much. Maybe after many years, we would still think of that person and those things in our first love from time to time. 

I recalled that the beautiful encounter I had been looking forward to finally happened to you and me. 

One summer dusk, the mood seems to be depressed, I asked you to go out to climb the mountain. 

Do you remember us standing on the top of the mountain watching the twilight scenery and quietly observing the brief moment of the sunset? 

The sun is like a reserved girl, blushing, unwillingly hasty curtain call, facing this lovely world has too much nostalgia. 

At this time, my heart can not help but add a little melancholy meaning. 

A dazzling ray of light, rendered how many sorrowful other thoughts? 

I completely entered another sad world, because at that time my family knew that I was in love with you, and they all resisted it. At that time, I thought you were the ideal person in my dream, and I was looking forward to loving Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling). 

When the sun takes back its dazzling light, I still yearn for the dazzling brilliance and never part. 

You calmly confessed your mind to me, and that beautiful promise shook my heartstrings. 

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So we had the first fleeting look in our eyes, and after contact, I bowed my head shyly, and my heart was rough falling rocks, ripples, and ripples, and my mood could not be calmed down for a long time. 

Did not expect that I will like you, did not expect to inject deep feelings into you, that trace of sweetness, that trace of throbbing, but it is a dream that others can not give. 

Looking at the sunset, salvage a thin and cool memory, release all thoughts in the breeze, chasing fleeting love. 

In this way, regardless of our parents' opposition, we are secretly interacting with each other.