21 grams of love-2

/November 2021

They love each other too much, but they have to hide each other, sad for each other, sad for each other, torturing each other, maybe this is true love! 

As a result, the "pencil" became their secret. 

Finally, the boy's broken heart began to heal, and he decided to tell the girl his love. 

The boy took advantage of the absence of the PE class to put a note in the girl's book. When the girl was flipping through the book, the girl found a note with a line written on it: my love for you weighs 21 grams net. 

The girl cried, cried very sadly, she shouted to the boy: do you know how much I love you, I can give up my life to you, but your love for me is only 21 grams. 

The girl cried and ran out, the boy did not chase her out, because the boy loves the girl too much, he does not want the girl to be hurt a little bit, he knows that he can not give the girl happy, he must be nothing. 

The naive girl cried all night, the next day she found her brother to go out for a walk, she was so sad, she needed the boy to say loudly that my love for you was heavier than Mount Tai, longer than Mount Hengshan, but the girl's heart was completely broken. 

At this time, she saw the boy coming this way, and the innocent girl took her brother's hand and made a loving look. The boy seemed to want to say something, but he stopped, and they just passed by like this. Just 10 meters away, the boy suddenly turned back and shouted to the girl: wish you happiness and then disappear in front of the girl in an instant. The girl has not realized that the boy has already disappeared, and the girl breaks free from her brother's hand. 

She burst into tears, crying so chilling, she loves the boy too much, he just wants the boy to ask who the person around her is and care about her, she thinks: if the boy can ask what the person around her is, the girl will tell him that he is my brother, and then tell the boy that I love you, very much! 

But the boy does not understand, they are all too naive, too stupid, too silly, the girl did not find the boy, she heard the boy say: wish you happiness, when the voice is trembling, she finally understands that the boy loves her, naive she just wants to be angry with the boy, can let themselves get a little comfort from the boy, but they are too stupid, they do not understand each other's hearts, the girl can not listen to her brother's comfort. 

Despite the tears, but the flow, as if endless, she loves the boy too much.

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