Romantic till death do us part-3

/November 2021

She couldn't help it any longer: "it's me, it's me!" 

Which hotel are you in? " 

At this time, Lin Yang thought he was just coming to Fuzhou on business. She didn't know how much effort Geng Yinan had made to find her. 

He fumbled to find the address where she had written back, but the place had already been demolished without leaving a word. 

Geng Yinan had to wait blankly, thinking how many times: maybe one day, for example, on the eve of her marriage, she will call herself to announce it. 

So he was afraid to change his number. 

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After Lin Yang left, he regretted it and missed her like crazy. He quit his beautiful job in Beijing and followed him to the south. He first worked in a company in Fuzhou, but couldn't find her for a while, so he had to wait. 

Half a year later, he was anxious, but he believed that the person he loved would be telepathic and had been using the cell phone number registered in Beijing to wait for her phone. 

His mobile phone is long-distance roaming, and his love is roaming like a wandering cloud. 

Finally, when they got a phone call that they missed so much, they put down the phone and rushed to the appointed Fujian provincial government, because they were afraid that they would lose contact if they could not find each other later, and they were afraid that the night would be long and dreamy, so the offer was made in a foolproof place, and the provincial government was a very rest assured place, and taxi drivers would not lead them the wrong way. 

The car runs on the wheel, and their hearts fly with wings. 

At the heavily guarded gate of the provincial government, they finally hugged each other like long-lost friends. 

Armed guards, hugging couples, such a picture, sacred and warm.