Romantic till death do us part-2

/November 2021

And this time the "love interference" is different from the fallen leaves in autumn. 

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Looking back on the second semester of freshman year, that spring, that birthday, Lin Yang was really happy: first, he received flowers and cakes ordered by his mother through the post office. The postman had just left, and in less than a minute, classmate Geng Yinan came in with flowers. 

"how do you know?" 

Lin Yang is full of surprises. 

He smiled and answered the question: "Happy Birthday!" 

Later, he told his girlfriend that he had a crush on her for a long time, but he didn't have a chance to express his love. later, he studied the four numbers "0411" on her email and concluded that it must be her birthday. 

"what if you guess wrong?" 

On a moonlit night, Lin Yang asked him with a piece of grass in his mouth. "I'm willing to take the risk," he said. 

I like to burn my bridges in love. " 

Zhengzheng Hao's words were still ringing in our ears. The boy whose parents had been laid off and had no money to pay for her tuition had secretly sold blood once to buy her birthday flowers. 

However, at the critical time, why didn't he come out and ask her to stay? 

What about his so-called desperate love? 

On the way home, Lin Yang kept asking in his heart. 

The more she thought about it, the more she "figured it out". As a result, she changed her hairstyle, changed her cell phone number, scrapped her old mailbox, went to work immediately, and healed herself. Later, she heard a colleague sing "you deskmate". 

However, when she saw someone playing badminton under the kapok tree, she found that her infatuation did not "bury" the flowers and plants of her memory at all, let alone "figured it out". 

She misses him more and more, but he won't know his new number if she doesn't take the initiative to call him. 

She is a passive and proud girl, she grew up, only others waiting for her, never her own time to find someone. 

Now, she has a strong desire to change the position of this role, but she doesn't have the courage. 

The New year passed in the blink of an eye. 

Finally, one day, she tried to dial Geng Yinan's number from a public phone booth, just to see if he had also changed his cell phone number. as a result, he kept shouting on the other end of the phone: "who is it? who is it, please?" 

Seeing that the other party did not respond, he immediately understood who it was, so he shouted, "A Jiu, I am in Fuzhou!" 

I'm in Fuzhou! " 

Lin Yang's tears so rustled down, still did not answer, only can not stop crying. 

"A Jiu", what a beautiful name, was given by Yi Nan for himself, and he is the only one to use it. I haven't heard such a call for a long time! 

Last night, when she was practicing calligraphy when she was lonely, she suddenly found that the "consolidated" Gong" could not write. 

In the past, she would habitually turn around and ask him how to write a certain word. It was a day of self-study together. She could see him looking into his eyes, so attentive and affectionate.