Love can never be torn apart-1

/November 2021

I am a girl like the wind, so I like to live like the wind, wandering and drifting all over the world, but Rakuten is different. He is as quiet and elegant as the gold-rimmed glasses he wears and usually does not like to talk loudly. Even occasionally angry is also soft, quite like my favorite marshmallow. 

Rakuten and I have walked together in seven or eight cities, that is to say, we have snuggled up to each other under the eaves of seven or eight cities. 

Rakuten and I grew up together, not only since we were 5 years old, but we rarely separated. In junior high school, he was the monitor, I was the study committee member, in high school, he was the group leader, I was the deputy group leader, and I happened to live in a building in college, so it was only natural that we fell in love with each other, as if we had an appointment in a previous life, and Rakuten and I came together very naturally. 

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There are neither vows nor solemn promises. Inborn love brings us unimaginable happiness. 

After I finally flew out of the ivory tower, I sorted out my confused thoughts and said to Rakuten very bully, "come to the south with me. I like the rainy season in the south." 

Rakuten was an only child, and his parents had expected him to stay with him, but Rakuten only meditated for a moment, then smiled and said to me, "are you ready?" 

If you're ready, I'll go with you. " 

I was so happy that I took a bite into his face. Lotte's face suddenly turned red, and several seemingly casual female classmates not far away were secretly looking at us. 

Our development in Guangzhou is quite smooth. Rakuten works as a copywriter in an advertising company, while I work as a reporter in a tabloid newspaper. 

Rakuten is the kind of person who is very dedicated. He soon does well in an advertising agency and is soon promoted to head of business, with an almost geometric increase in salary. 

On the other hand, I am different. There are very few reporters in the newspaper. I collect, edit and pull advertisements to sponsor one-stop, and the commission is not very much. It was not long before I became discouraged, so I planned to change jobs. 

I told Rakuten my decision one evening. Rakuten patted me on the face and smiled, "you think it's a family to look for a job, and you can play whatever role you want to play." 

I pushed his hand away, and his tone was mixed with a hint of willfulness: "I don't want to do it anymore. That kind of environment is not good for my development."