99 steps backward for love

/November 2021

After getting angry again, she ran to the rugged mountain road in one breath. 

When he chased her breathlessly, she said, "Let's break up!" 

He said with a rough breath, "do you think we have reached the point where we have to be separated?" 

I believe our fate is not over. " 

"unless there is a miracle in heaven," she said. " 

He looked at her for a while and said, "well, from now on we'll go our separate ways with our backs to our backs." 

But at the ninety-ninth step, we all have to stop and wait five minutes to see if any miracles will happen. 

If not, then I am here to bless you first. " 

She said, "OK, but if you want to follow me, we won't even be friends in the future." 

So she took the first step forward without hesitation, followed by the second and third steps. 

After ninety steps, her pace had slowed down noticeably. 

By the ninety-seventh step, she knew she was far away from him. 

She knew in her heart that she loved him and that he loved herself as well. 

It's just that his character is too upright, and he is a bit of a stingy girl. Every time he collides with his stingy character with such a straight temper, can she not be angry? 

As a man, she thought, why can't he just let her? 

Can't you softly appease her? 

At that moment, she felt that he was indeed unforgivable. 

She took another step, the ninety-eighth step, and a feeling of guilt welled up in her heart. 

She thought that in the whole process of falling in love, it was mainly herself who made the mistake. 

Although he was too upright, which time did he quarrel, and in the end, he was not the villain? 

When was the last time he didn't coax her with a straight face and make her happy again? 

At that moment, she no longer complained about him as she did just now. Instead, she began to regret it. Why did she break up with him because of such a trifle? 

She finally took the ninety-ninth step, and at this moment she remembered every bit of falling in love with him. 

It has been three years, and the memories and beauty of more than a thousand days and nights can be erased so lightly? 

She heard a voice shouting from the bottom of her heart: no! 

At this moment, she realized how much she missed him-his strong arm, which had hugged her so much that she could hardly breathe; his thick back, which had carried her up the mountain road countless times; and the sore beard on her face when he kissed her, the fingers that pinched her nose when he amused her, and the warm palms of his hands stroking her hair and back. 

After the ninety-ninth step, she squatted down in place, covered her face with her hands, and put her head on her lap. 

She cried, and for the first time, she shed tears not for being angry with him, but for being so bossy. 

At this moment, she heard slow and slight footsteps behind her. 

Looking back, she saw him, strictly speaking, his back. 

He stepped back step by step, and every step he took on the rugged mountain road was so slow and careful. 

Several times she saw him almost slip, and every time her heart rose to her throat with his steps. 

When he finally retreated a meter in front of her, she heard him gently counting 96, 97, 98. 

She could no longer pay attention to the tears on her face and ran up and hugged his back tightly. 

He looked back, wiped away his tears for her, and said, "I didn't follow you. I went behind your back every step." 

I thought I was going to go back 99 steps for love, but now the miracle has already happened when I have only gone back 98 steps. " 

She said nothing but drilled her head into his chest until tears wet his clothes. 

Six months later, she took his arm and walked into the auditorium. 

To his surprise, in all the days after his marriage, she never got angry with him again, not even a small quarrel, even when he was upset or even lost his temper. 

He asked her, "what happened to you? 

Is that your style? " 

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She smiled and said, "you have taken 98 steps backward for me. For the sake of love, why can't I just go back 99 steps?" 

99 steps backward for love is easier said than done because it requires not only sincere love for each other but also a heart that can tolerate each other.