Meet yourself-1

/October 2021

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After making most of a circle around Xiamen Island in the air, the plane landed at Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport. 

I packed my bags, followed a steady stream of people off the plane, came to the square in front of the airport, and took a taxi to Gulangyu. 

In Xiamen in June, the sea breeze was blowing and the weather was particularly cool. 

Standing at the ferry pier, directly in front of it is Gulangyu, a famous tourist attraction at home and abroad. 

A breeze blowing head-on, set off a layer of small waves on the sea, giving people the feeling of being gently stroked by water elves, quietly listening to the sea breeze, breathing vitality. 

At the moment, it is refreshing. 

I turned into the ferry ticket office and bought a non-stop ferry ticket that sailed at 12:20 and traveled around Gulangyu. 

After leaving the ship for some time, I found a vacant seat in the ticket office. 

I accidentally ran into a boy my age, and I politely said, "I'm sorry"; maybe it was because he was so focused on his phone that he didn't notice me. 

I looked at him carefully for a moment. I saw him take his phone out of his bag, open Wechat, click on a chat window, and look at it hesitantly for a long time, until the screen went black and did not enter any words. 

After putting the phone back in his pocket, he repeated the above actions in less than a minute. 

So he went on and on. 

Although the ticking of the clock hanging on the wall of the ticket hall was drowned out by the noisy crowd, the second hand still pushed the minute hand, the minute hand kept spinning, and they kept meeting and separating. 

This reminds me that life is also the same, encounter separation, separation and encounter. 

The boy around me may have separated after meeting someone. 

I want to say something, but I don't know where to start. I hesitate to send a message to her from afar. 

As time went by, it was 12:00, and there was a sound on the radio calling for people to board the ship. 

The boy around me seemed to wake up from his sleep, his face was confused, and after the radio went on for many times, he realized that he had also bought a circular ferry ticket. 

He hurried to the boarding gate just in time for the ferry leaving the dock. 

The departure bell rang, and the ship slowly left the harbor, standing at the stern of the ship and looking back, the most eye-catching was the Haicang Bridge, which is not only a landmark scenic spot in Xiamen, but also an important passage connecting with the outside world. 

All the people on board stood at the stern of the second-floor cabin, raising their mobile phones to take pictures. 

I also went to the second floor of the cabin, took some pictures and posted a moments. 

I noticed the little boy again. He sat blankly in the chair. 

After the ferry had been running for a while, what came into view was the Yanwu Bridge. from afar, the Yanwu Bridge seemed to be floating on the water, like a giant dragon hovering on the water. 

Such a beautiful scene, when people put her in the depths of their memory, they will also freeze it forever with the camera in their hands. 

There is a telescope at the end of the ferry, and people are scrambling to use her to see the beautiful scenery in the distance. 

For some reason, I couldn't help looking at the boy of my age, the corner of the ferry, where he was still sitting blankly. 

The circular scenic spots behind, whether it is the Shimao Strait Tower of "the first Twin Towers in China", or the famous Gulangyu Island of Xiamen University, which is dotted with red. 

Did not arouse his heart to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Xiamen, he still sat blankly in the corner of the ferry.