A blue cow-2

/November 2021

The boy picked two silver leaves, climbed down from the tree, and returned to the cow. 

They walked on and came to a large forest where the trees were covered with golden leaves. 

Like last time, the cow told him to climb up the tree and hide because a new group of soldiers was coming soon. 

"you must be careful not to pick gold leaves!" 

He added. 

"of course you can take one piece, but not too much." 

A large group of soldiers came quickly. 

The cow immediately went into battle and soon ended the lives of all the soldiers. 

But he lost his other horn, too. 

"come down now." 

The cow said. 

When the boy was climbing down the tree, he picked two gold leaves and hid them in his sweater. 

Then they moved on. 

After the cow had run a long way, they came to a large forest. 

There are diamond leaves on the trees here. 

"here comes another group of soldiers to compete with me," said the cow, "but I have no horns to use. 

So I'm going to be killed. 

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When I'm dead, you need to see my ears. 

You can find a silk tablecloth in one ear. 

All you have to do is spread it out and what you want to eat will come out. 

You can find a flute in the other ear. 

As soon as you blow it, there will be a horse with a golden saddle, a golden whip, and a diamond horseshoe. " 

As the cow said, a large group of soldiers drove over, but the cow had no horns to defend itself, and it was soon killed. 

When the teenager jumped down from the tree, he picked two diamond leaves and hid them in his sweater. 

Then he went to the cow and found the tablecloth and flute. 

He played the flute and soon a fine horse came running. 

The saddle and whip sparkled, and the diamond horse's hoofs sparkled.

"Please ride on my back, and I'll take you to a house where you can sleep." 

Said the horse.