A blue cow-3

/November 2021

When the boy got on horseback, the horse ran like a cloud, and they soon came to a house. 

The boy dismounted and the horse disappeared at once. 

He went into the house and an old lady who lived there greeted him politely. 

The teenager asked if he could spend the night there, and the old lady gladly agreed. 

"you can sleep in the corner over there." 

The old lady said. 

The old lady was going out early the next morning. 

"I have nothing for you to eat," she said to the teenager. 

"every day I have to go to Glass Mountain to beg for some money to buy food." 

"What kind of mountain is that?" 

Asked the teenager. 

"Oh, yes," said the old lady. "there is a palace on the glass hill, and on the throne of the palace sits a princess with a golden crown on her head. 

If a man can ride a horse through the glass mountain to her, she can be saved. 

Every day, countless knights and distinguished gentlemen want to ride the glass mountain, but none of them succeed. " 

After the old lady left, the boy spread out his tablecloth and what he wanted came immediately. 

When he was full, he left the rest to the old lady. 

Then as soon as he played the flute, the horse came running. 

The horse said to the boy: 

"There is a dress woven with gold thread under my saddle. 

You put it on my back and we can go to the glass mountain to see the princess. 

When you come up to her, throw a silver leaf on her knee. " 

The boy put on that beautiful dress and rode on horseback. 

The horse ran like a breeze, and they soon came to the palace on the glass hill. 

He saluted the princess gracefully and put a silver leaf on her lap. 

He turned, walked out of the palace, and found his horse. 

He rode down from the other side of the mountain and saw the old lady again on the way. 

He tossed a few coins at her and went on his way. 

When he got to the house, the boy dismounted and went in. 

The horse disappeared into the forest.

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