A blue cow-4

/November 2021

When the old lady came home, the teenager opened the tablecloth and all kinds of delicacies immediately appeared. 

He asked her to sit down and eat with him. 

She didn't know where the teenager got so much delicious food, but she found that the teenager didn't want to tell her, so she stopped asking. 

She changed the subject and said that she saw a handsome knight at the foot of the mountain today, and the man gave her some hard silver coins. 

The second day was the same as the first day. 

As soon as the old lady left home, the teenager immediately called the horse and went straight to the Glass Mountain. 

This time he put a gold leaf on the princess's lap. 

The princess bowed and was glad that he had come a long way to rescue her, but the boy turned and went out of the palace to find his horse. 

On the third day, the boy put a diamond leaf on the princess's lap, when she stood up and held out her hand to him. The boy pretended not to see it and quickly retreated out. He went back to the house, spread out the tablecloth, and laid out the best food for the old lady to eat. 

Then he got on his horse and went out again. 

He rode a long way and came to a magnificent palace. 

The enchanted princess who was rescued by him has lived there since she came back from the Glass Mountain. 

The boy got off his horse, put on a suit of rags and went into the palace, and asked for something to do. 

He was allowed to stay and bring firewood and water to the kitchen every day. 

When he entered the kitchen, he saw the head dining room carrying a large plate to deliver food to the princess. 

The boy went over and asked him if he could put a leaf on the princess's plate. 

When he got permission, he put the second silver leaf he had hidden on it. 

On the second dish, he put the second gold leaf, and on the third dish, he put the second diamond leaf. 

When the princess saw the three leaves, she asked who put them. 

The manager replied that it was the boy who did the chores in the kitchen. 

But when people asked him what was going on, he replied that he didn't want to talk about it yet. 

"But I'll be back soon." 

He said that and ran away. 

He played the flute, and the horse ran over at once, and he took out his gold knitted clothes and put them on him. 

As he rode to the palace, the princess standing at the window thought, who is this young and mighty knight? 

She ran into the courtyard of the palace and recognized him, who had put three leaves on her knee as she sat in the palace on the glass hill. 

She took him by the hand and sent him to the palace, and soon they were married. 

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When the boy went back to the courtyard of the palace, his horse was still there. 

"draw your sword and cut my head off!" 

Said the horse. 

"How heartless I am to treat you like this." 

The teenager said. 

But at the begging of the horse, the boy finally had to do what he said. He drew his sword and cut off the horse's head. 

In a twinkling of an eye, a handsome prince appeared before his eyes. 

"you see, I became the blue cow when I was possessed," said the prince. "after that cow died, I became the horse that helped you get the princess. 

Now I'm going back to my own country. " 

He thanked the boy sincerely and left. 

Teenagers and princesses live happy and happy life there.