A distance of one meter

/September 2021

On May 11th, when the Japanese tsunami happened, Qian Zi, a 74-year-old man living in Otsuka-CHO, Iwate Prefecture, was walking with her husband Hashimoto on the road one kilometer away from the sea, but the disaster came suddenly.

Hashimoto's first reaction is to run to the shelter at once. It may be easy for young people to run fast, but for them, it is no different from climbing to heaven. Because Qian Zi got cataract 20 years ago, his eyesight was almost blind, and Qiaoben took care of his daily life.

I couldn't think twice about the distance of one meter. Hashimoto desperately grabbed Qian Zi's hand and ran away, but the huge waves followed like demons, and soon they were caught in the turbidity current together.

Qian Zi, who can't see his eyes, doesn't know what happened, and the roaring waves wash them hard. They are stumbling and stagger, but they are always holding hands and holding hands.

Eventually, the accident happened, and Qian Zi's hand fell off. Hajime Hashimoto clutched his palm, but it was empty. When he was in a hurry, he simply groped with his eyes closed. He believed Qian Zi must be around him: just like these 20 years of life, they were always inseparable.

This short ten seconds, said to the bridge originally, seems like a lifetime ago.

Fortunately, after more than ten seconds, Hashimoto once again grabbed Qian Zi's hand. After many twists and turns, they finally depended on each other and fled to the high slope, avoiding a disaster. The old couple who successfully escaped from the tsunami hugged each other and wept in the shelter.

Their deeds were widely circulated in shelters. When reporters heard this touching story, they came to interview one after another. The reporter asked: "Uncle, how did you accurately find the aunt's position in just over ten seconds, and then grab her hand?" Hashimoto said with a little calmness: "This is my telepathy. When the tsunami washed down my nephew, I suddenly felt far away from the world, but my heart told me that she must be by my side."

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And Qian Zi's answer made reporters admire him: "My child, at the moment I sold it, I told myself that I must try my best to hold my position. As long as it is no more than one meter away, Hashimoto will definitely catch me. Fortunately, we succeeded. "

It turned out that there was a touching story behind them. When Xunzi suffered from eye disease, she wanted to commit suicide several times. It was Hajime Hashimoto who encouraged her again and again. He said to Xunzi: "I am your eyes. We are inseparable in this life. I will not let you leave me one meter away!"

As soon as the words sound just fell, Qian Zi's tears surged out, and Hashimoto hurriedly wiped away the tears gently for Qian Zi, and the two old people were as sweet as their first love.

Blind Qian Zi can no longer see Hashimoto's appearance, but each other can feel the heart that two people have lived together for 20 years, even if there is a distance of one meter.