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/November 2021

They met in the early spring when it was warm and cold. 

After finishing the last music program of the evening, she was physically and mentally exhausted, so she went out of the studio and habitually sat down on the recliner and closed her eyes. 

Inadvertently, I fell into a dream. 

At first, in the dream, it was cold, and she ran as hard as she could, but in any case, she could not get out of the ice and snow, but then suddenly came a small boat, and her feet had just stepped on it, and spring flowers were blooming around her. 

She smiled and opened her eyes and saw the blanket covered with large flowers. 

He looked up in surprise, and he was smiling at her with a slightly stiff smile. 

She is a famous local program host, often there are strange listeners at the door, waiting for her program to end, asking her to eat midnight snacks. 

Every time she refuses, she is not a gregarious woman, she does not have many friends and colleagues, but also because of competition and jealousy, she is unable to make in-depth communication outside of work. 

It is not that there is no opportunity for laissez-faire, so many men, take advantage of the opportunity of the program, send warm text messages, but she all smiled and deleted. 

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She was not a cold woman, but because of the ruthless betrayal of a man when she graduated from college, she instantly sealed her heart into a cold cave. 

So when she saw him standing there so stiff, she said a faint "thank you" and got up to go. 

But he stopped her and said, it's so late, why don't you walk home with you? 

She shook her head and said, I never associate with the audience, thank you. 

He smiled at once, but he can make an exception if he is a colleague, can't he?

She looked up in surprise and looked carefully at the tall, thin man in front of her, trying to find a familiar past from his angular face, but her mind was blank about him. 

He gave a brief introduction, and she knew that he was a colleague who had just been transferred from another department and had been listening to her program because his boss wanted him to work with her to create a new film review program to improve the audience rating.