a flying moth darts into the fire-2

/November 2021

She replied politely, "I'll see you tomorrow. It's time to get off work. I don't want to talk about work." 

He quickly asked the past, I just want to buy you a cup of milk tea, it is a new shop around the corner, which seems to have nothing to do with work. 

She was finally amused by the man with a warm smile. 

Slightly on one side, she leaned against the door and smiled, "you go ahead and I'll close the door." 

That night she sat with him in the coffee shop around the corner, drinking late. 

For the first time, she spent such a gentle night with a man she worked with. 

She heard him talk about his hardships from one city to another, and about the pressures he was under as a man. 

Talking about the ups and downs when he came to Beijing alone from a remote town to Beijing, it was his love of music that made him not stumble and turn back. 

And she, under the gaze of his slightly sentimental eyes, bloomed enchanting her secret heart, such as a flower that had been claustrophobic for too long. 

She even mentioned the painful love, and before that, she would not talk about it in her unknown blog. 

When I got up and left, the horizon was slightly white, and a ray of morning light was projected from the ink painting-like sky. 

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The air was cold, but she knew her heart was warm in the footsteps of passers-by. 

Walk to the rental community, there are primroses in the wind, blooming along the street. 

A girl who got up early passed by carrying a burden filled with the scent of flowers. 

He stopped the girl, picked a few budding magnolias from the burden, and said, "here you go." 

She looked down and smelled the faint fragrance of Magnolia and suddenly felt that this early spring was so beautiful. 

Two hearts, so rest assured to deliver to each other, so that their new program related to film, music, and love, such as the bright welcome of the spring, spread out all over the country. 

Many listeners sent text messages, saying that they were infatuated with such a bright voice combination, one as shallow as lilies and one as warm as camellia, even if there was no musical background in the program, because such a soft and clear voice, itself is the most beautiful song.