a flying moth darts into the fire-3

/November 2021

He does not specialize in films, and all programs are makeshift. 

It's the same with her, so every time she finishes the show, she feels tired. 

But such tired, the bottom of her heart, but full of happy flowers, are beautiful cherry blossoms, surrounded in the wind, will be the deepest nostalgia for spring, unconcealed to blossom out. 

Yes, nothing to hide. 

She would rather be tired herself, more tired so that he can sleep a little longer before the show begins, and at the end of the program, she can accompany her to the cafe around the corner to have an extra cup of milk tea. 

She had never loved a program so much, and more than any listener, she longed for time to come quickly and go slowly. 

She loves those movies that are still shining in the years, loves the sad beautiful, or passionate songs in those movies, loves her and him, and reinterprets the true feelings with words. 

And what she loves more is him. 

When she didn't even know it herself. 

He must have loved her, too. 

She was not sure, but she knew that his love for her was different from that of other women. 

Before he appeared on the show, he would make her a cup of fragrant jasmine or put a cool lozenge; when she closed her eyes and rest, he would put on a blanket for her; when she was in a bad mood, he would try very hard to tell her jokes; there was a long meeting on the station, and she didn't want to go, and he would make up a perfect lie for her in front of her boss. 

She was originally a helpless woman in this city, but because of his arrival, she became a magnolia, because of joy, the leaves have not yet grown, the flowers first fragrant. 

There were rumors about him and her on the station, as well as gossip listeners. They called and asked in the first sentence, "are they lovers who love each other?" 

Otherwise, why is the match so perfect and harmonious in the program? 

Even, a man who had a crush on her asked bluntly, where did he attract you?

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