a flying moth darts into the fire-4

/November 2021

At first, such a rumor was like a spring drizzle, falling silently on the tip of her hair or neck, wetting her cheeks, but it was so warm and cool that she liked it. 

Only when it rained heavily did she realize that the previous romance had been made awkward by the splashing mud and Rain Water. 

The boss first called her over and threw her a document from the station, saying, "when you first came to work, you must have known the rules in the station that no relationship can be developed between any colleagues, otherwise, you will have to resign and leave." 

She looked at her sharp-toned boss. 

And then there was the sunshine that fell on the table, and suddenly she said faintly, "well, then, I'll resign." 

The decision she made in an instant almost made all the colleagues in Taiwan feel sorry for her, and even the aggressive boss was reluctant to give up, saying, "Why, is he worth sacrificing so many loyal listeners?" 

She doesn't know whether their love is worth it, but she is clear about it. 

The day she left, he saw her off and said I should be the one who offered to resign. Everyone knows that you are the best program host on the station. 

She smiled at him and said, if you want, so will I. 

He stretched out his hand and held her hard, such a warm hand. 

At that moment, all the grievances she endured were among them, and the ice and snow melted. 

She found a new job at another radio station. Although she could only broadcast boring news, could not do her favorite music program, and her boss did not attach much importance to her, she never felt lonely because of it. 

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She began to like to listen to the radio, his voice, through the airwaves, into her ears, so gentle, like the first kiss he had given her. 

For the first time, she understood that those listeners who were huddled outside the radio station in the cold wind, just to wait for the end of her program to meet her, humbled themselves to the dust, but their hearts were filled with small purple and light blue flowers.