a flying moth darts into the fire-5

/November 2021

They began to date, go shopping, eat and travel like all couples. 

And she, like all girls, began to lose her temper at him and scramble for time to drink a cup of milk tea from him when he was busy. 

He would coax her patiently at first, but slowly he seemed to get bored. 

Finally, once again, he turned his head and said angrily to her, do you think your pay, need me to pay more to make up for, you will feel balanced? 

She froze for a long time before she asked him blankly, "could you say it again, please?" I don't know what you mean, I think. 

It was the biggest quarrel between them, a silent quarrel. 

She rejected all his explanations with the most stubborn running away and turning off her cell phone. 

When she came back again, the room they rented was empty. 

She habitually turned on the radio on the table, which was the right time for his program to be broadcast, but the person had already changed. 

She pretended to be a listener in surprise and called. 

The girl on the line told her happy that he had been promoted and would no longer be a receptionist. 

Before hanging up, the operator did not forget to say politely: thank you for your love for him all the time. If you would like to leave your name, I will tell him. 

She refused directly, as she did when she first met him: no, thank you. 

With that, she hung up the phone calmly. 

In the forum on the radio, she saw someone mention the love between him and her, saying that he is a man who knows how to climb, using love to go up step by step, until he reaches the summit of boundless scenery, love is in him, but the steep mountain, the useless stone steps, the eyes can only see the blue sky, as for them, where can they be taken care of.

At the bottom of that post, she faintly followed the past: however, the flowers and plants of love, more, are blooming beside the stone steps along the way, rather than the peak. 

Yes, those in the invisible corner, the enchanting flowers, and plants, the peak of the people, can not see, but those stone steps, but will smell their fragrance. 

And a love, beautiful or not, whether it is worth it or not, has always been related to one person. 

For example, when others are gone, she is still willing to remember the love she once sought like a moth to the fire.

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