A green dream

/October 2021

Did you see the moon yesterday? 

Did you see the extraordinarily bright Venus next to the moon? 

Yesterday I had a dream, a dream about you, a green dream. 

In the dream, there is no replacement of the four seasons, there is only spring in the dream, and in the dream, we go back to the time when there was only play. 

In the dream, everything was closed. I threw in the towel after the quarrel. 

I will never be angry with you. I try to like everything about you. 

I can give you everything you want. 

You will never be sad, your water will never cry. 

I can always stay by your side, no difference, no distance. 

The sun, the star house, and the moon are all at our command. 

Want to sleep, call the stars and the moon. 

If you want to enjoy the warmth of blocking light, call out the sun. 

You will enjoy the rain, we will play in the rain. 

If you like snow but don't like winter, let the melting snowfall in spring. 

You are always self-willed, and your wayward appearance makes me more infatuated with you. 

Close your eyes, the wind is also full of your fresh breath. 

You always look beautiful. 

A green dream is just a dream. 

An impossible dream. 

We're apart. We've never been together. 

We didn't meet, we only lost. 

The quarrel also hurts each other before giving up. 

I never catch up with you, you always come and go in a hurry. 

But often walk into my heart, but I am imprisoned by memory. 

There is no way to find the next home. 

Walking in a strange city, a city without you. 

Every corner, every time I look back, I hope to meet you. 

But I know you can't be there. 

Can not feel your happiness and sadness again, your capriciousness can only be in my memory. 

I fell in love with the rain because I used to walk in the rain with you. 

Flinching and still like, how I wish they would leave me. 

I can muster up the courage to say that I love you in a beautiful morning that abandons all. 

Those memories of those days that people miss, you are still very beautiful. 

In the green dream, you are smiling at me in the bright sun, and I am trying to run to you. 

Let go of your thoughts, even though you are still walking alone. 

Miss the sky or miss the rainbow of the sky. 

Miss the green dream or miss you in the green dream. 

I can't tell the difference myself. 

Put it down, I keep deceiving myself. 

Only in the starry night. 

I can't deceive myself. 

I have been searching for you, your figure, and your footprints. 

Every cross street, every green dream. 

Look forward to a new dawn every day, as well as your future self. 

Looking at the clouds floating out of the window, thinking of you in the distance. 

I can do nothing. 

Because you will find someone who can walk with you. 

You will be sad, you will cry. 

I can't understand you in the wind in the north and the rain in the south. 

Your capriciousness, your beauty.

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