A happy marriage begins in a few seconds when you go home

/October 2021

Once, I talked to a woman who had a very successful career and marriage, and she told me a story. 

An old Japanese couple has been married for more than 20 years. The first thing they do when they go home every day is an affectionate hug and kiss. 

This habit has been maintained for more than 20 years, and it is common for the husband to come home in a suit and shout, "I'm back before he reaches the door." 

His wife appeared at the door dressed up and dressed up. 

She always lit up her husband's eyes, and they hugged and kissed each other tightly before they even had time to take off their backpacks. 

Just for such a beautiful moment, the beautiful wife insists on waiting for her husband to appear brilliantly in front of her husband after work every day. She wants to make her husband feel like he was when he was newly married forever. 

After her wife left before her, she, who was alone, still liked to wait by the door in beautiful clothes at that happy moment. 

She stubbornly believed that the wonderful heavenly doorbell would ring as promised, and her husband would appear handsome and charming and shout, "wife, I'm back." 

'There are a lot of men looking forward to this beautiful story, 'the lady said. 

But don't women have similar expectations of men? 

Finally, she talked about her successful marriage. 

"usually in the company, I am the general manager, and my job does not allow me to show my tenderness as a woman," she said. 

To avoid involuntarily bringing the leader's tone and style home, usually, as soon as I get off work, on my way home, I listen to some softer songs and think of some relaxed things while driving. And tell me: when I open the door, I am no longer the general manager, I am a gentle wife. " 

It suddenly dawned on me that a good marriage begins in a few seconds when the door is opened.

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