A kiss through the ages

/October 2021

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This is a true and romantic story. Not long ago, a 12-member European expedition went to explore and explore the Sahara Desert of Africa. Tina is the only woman in this "multinational force."

She is deeply in love with Arthur, and Arthur is also inseparable from her. Before leaving, she and Arthur persuaded the captain and were granted permission to explore with the team.

Along the way, although she had suffered a lot, she happily told everyone that people who had gone through hardships knew how to cherish life better, and that she and Arthur had discussed it on the way, and when they got home from this expedition, they held a lively wedding.

After 15 days of exploration, Captain Liszt made a decisive decision based on the amount of food and water left behind and was ready to embark on the journey back tomorrow. The camp for that night was chosen near a cold crater. After the tent was set up, there was still a whole afternoon left, and the team members dispersed nearby.

Arthur also took Tina for a stroll to observe the landforms.

Suddenly a gust of wind came, and the crowd looked to the northwest where the wind blew, and saw that the horizon was dark, as if thousands of troops were running towards them. The strong wind bulged the team members' clothes into sails, making it very difficult to walk. Arthur could not help but clench Tina's hand.

It took a long time for everyone to stumble together. The wind is blowing harder and harder, and a single person can't stand in the storm at all, and it's even harder to move against the wind. The team members held hands tightly, lying on the ground, slowly moving their bodies and gathering together, so as not to let the strong wind lift them into the sky.

More than an hour later, the thrilling storm finally passed, the team members quickly stood up, regardless of the sand, hobbled numb legs, ran together to the camp. When they came to the previous encampment, everyone was dumbfounded: there was a vast expanse of whiteness in front of them. Not only without the tent, but also without all the equipment and equipment! The storm swept everything!

Captain Liszt thought for a moment and made up his mind: some of the team members searched in the direction of the storm, and some team members dug on the spot, and as long as they could find the same water tank or communications equipment, they had hope to escape death.

A few hours later, the team members who went out to look for them returned disappointed, and the team members who dug in place finally dug out the three water tanks that had been left behind, but these three water tanks had been riddled with holes by the stones carried by the storm, and there was not a drop of water left in them! Although several parts on the communication equipment were also found at the same time, they could not be formed at all and were of no use at all.

The Sahara Desert has 8 million square kilometers, and they are now in the "deep hinterland" of the desert. no matter which direction they break through, it is impossible to break through in the case of lack of water. Seeing that the last hope of escape had been dashed, Captain Liszt thought that waiting for rescue at headquarters was the best way to save him. But Krisha and several other able-bodied team members do not agree to wait for help, saying that this is a negative waiting for death, and trudging toward the periphery of the desert, they may meet a rescue team on the way, which gives more hope of life.

The two sides have been unable to unify their opinions after all the quarrels.

In the end, Liszt had to make such a decision: Crisha led two members to the northeast where the rescue team might come, and he led the remaining nine members on the spot to wait for rescue from the headquarters.

Arthur, Tina and several other team members who stayed where they were waiting for assistance, in order to let the rescue team find them as soon as possible, brought rocks from the crater and placed a huge "SOS" call signal on a relatively flat desert.

The headquarters, which did not continue to receive contact signals from the exploration team, felt that the situation was abnormal and immediately sent a rescue search team.

Five days later, rescue workers went through several twists and turns. Finally found the explorers lying down near the cold crater.

The rescue team found that each member of the expedition dug a small hole and buried half of his body in the sand pit to reduce the consumption of water in the body.

With deep sadness, rescuers found a total of seven bodies near the crater. At the same time came the news of another rescue search team, they also found the bodies of three other explorers, judging from the water loss of the bodies, these three members did die of thirst before the seven people left behind in the crater of the volcano.

Finally, the rescue team found the bodies of Arthur and Tina a little further away, and unlike the rest of the team, they hugged each other tightly, shoulder to shoulder, head to head: mouth to mouth, passionately and affectionately kissing, like a pair of solemn and sacred gods of love. All the rescue workers present were in awe of the unswerving couple.

When the rescuers picked up their bodies and put them on the stretcher, they found that their bodies were still soft. One of the team members suddenly found that Tina's lips moved slightly. He could not help exclaiming, "they are still alive!" They're not dead! "

After some rescue, Arthur and Tina are alive!

It is a miracle of life that a couple hugged and kissed each other in the hot desert and survived for five days and five nights.