A lucky ticket

/September 2021

I noticed her as soon as I got on the bus: she was wearing jeans, with an elegant bag hanging on her shoulders, a pair of dimples beating on her cheeks, and her big eyes were shining with soft light. It would be nice to get to know such a beautiful and gentle girl! However, how to talk to her? Like a cliche: "Excuse me, what time is it?" -Stupid; "Do you want to get off now?" -Shallow and despising; "Where do we seem to have met?" -is vulgar.

A lucky ticket. I threw a five-kopeck coin into the automatic cash register, and it immediately popped up a ticket. Thank God, my good luck has come! This is a particularly lucky ticket: it has eight digits. Not only is the sum of the first three digits of the ticket number exactly equal to the sum of the last three digits, but their sum is exactly equal to seven. "Seven" is a lucky number! God created the world in seven days, the seven wonders of the world, and I was intoxicated by my reverie …

However, the girl didn't pay any attention to my luck and went straight to the door. It's over, she must get off, beautiful girl, lucky ticket, bye bye! I thought desperately, and suddenly a superstition popped up in my mind: Eat the lucky ticket, and everything will go as you wish. I hope this will manifest itself in me. Holding a glimmer of hope, I secretly turned my back, closed my eyes, and gulped down the ticket. Then began to listen carefully to the inner voice, looking forward to the miracle. In vain! My face flushed with suppress, and I didn't get a trick to the girl's heart. I had to look at her with helpless but sincere eyes, and secretly begged: Girl, don't get off, stop, stop, even if you stay with me for another stop! Then a miracle appeared: the girl I adored seemed to hear the call of my heart, turned slowly and came to me decisively.

Well done! I was so ecstatic that my head was a little dizzy.

The girl glanced at me, then turned to everyone, and said in her sweet voice, "Ladies and gentlemen, please take out your tickets, and now we will start to check the tickets." As he spoke, he took out the ticket inspector's badge and turned to me. "Sir, please show me your ticket." My heart jumped into my throat and I couldn't say a word. "Is the cash register out of order?" When the girl saw me quiet, she asked with concern. "No, no, it's fine."

"So, is there no ticket in the cash register?" "Yes, there are tickets." I answered her without thinking. I don't know what I'm talking about. "So, you just didn't buy a ticket?" Her tone became stern. "No, no, I bought a ticket." "that your ticket? Please show me. " "It, it's here," I pointed to my stomach, "I, I ate it. Because it is a lucky ticket. "

People around you began to laugh. Alas, this unlucky ticket has made me suffer. The girl laughed too. "I'm not a surgeon, I'm just a ticket inspector. Unfortunately, now you have to pay the price for luck. " She emphasized her tone.

I knew what she meant, and I was very depressed and asked, "How much is it?" "If you pay now, it is 5 lira; If you go to the dispatching room, it will be more. "

More punishment and less punishment is a punishment, so just let her go. I made a pretense of throwing caution to the wind, got out of the car with her, took out my purse, paid a fine, accepted the ticket, and reluctantly said goodbye to her. Later, I found this beautiful ticket inspector according to the stamp on the receipt and the number on her ticket checking badge, and invited her to watch a movie, but she happily agreed, and then she became my present wife.

Imagine, if I didn't have that lucky ticket, how could I get to know and fall in love with her?

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