A romantic thing

/September 2021

"It is necessary." 

The man said, "for ten years, every time the roses are in bloom, we come here at 03:00 every afternoon to repeat this romantic thing." 

When I was driving to Seattle, I passed a small town. 

I walked into a roadside restaurant in a small town. 

In the seat by the window, there was a lady in her fifties. 

Although she is no longer young, she is still graceful, concise, and fashionable. 

In the other corner sat a man of about the same age, drinking milk and staring at the lady. 

When I noticed the look in the man's eyes, I began to have a premonition that he was an unkind man. 

I guess he will go over and talk to the lady soon. 

For a moment, the elegant lady met the man's eyes. the man smiled and nodded to her, and the lady responded politely. 

This gives me some bad feelings about this elegant lady. I can understand that her reply is polite, but not everyone deserves to enjoy our politeness-since she does not reject the man's greedy eyes, then she may be getting some kind of enjoyment. 

Finally, the man stood up and told the waiter that he would be back soon. 

I saw him go out of the restaurant and run under an old house across the street, which was covered with pink roses. 

He picked a bunch of roses and walked back to the restaurant. The paper was wrapped on the branches. Holding the pink roses, he came to the lady and said, "may I have the honor of sending you a bouquet?" 

"he finally did it!" 

I said contemptuously in my heart. 

But the lady didn't see through anything. She smiled and said, "Thank you. This is my favorite rose." 

The lady took the flowers, and the man asked, "May I sit opposite you?" 

The lady said, "Yes." 

The man asked the waiter to bring two glasses of champagne. He raised the glass and said, "come, miss, to our acquaintance!" 

They drank happily and chatted for a few more days. 

When I got up, they got up, too, and they said they were going for a walk on the shores of Lake Helio. 

I don't know where Lake Helio is. I guess it's some scenic lake nearby. 

I met the man in the parking lot. The lady gave him the flowers and was walking to the bathroom. He stood by the car and looked at her back. 

I jokingly said to him, "Sir, you are a romantic."

"It is necessary." 

The man said, "for ten years, every time the roses are in bloom, we come here at 03:00 every afternoon to repeat this romantic thing." 

"you mean you already know each other?" 

I asked in surprise. 

"of course, we are husband and wife." 

The man laughed and said, "We've been married for 30 years, and when I realized that our love was diluted by time, like most people's love, I began to discuss it with my wife. Repeat the romance we first met. 

This is a happy thing, it can keep our love fresh! " 

I was moved by the man's words, and I was ashamed of what I had thought, which put me to shame. 

A lot of love will be defeated by time, in the dull life day after day, we might as well treat our lovers with the mood of our first acquaintance, keep our love fresh with romance, and make every dull day full of warmth and joy.

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