A romantic weed

/October 2021

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Marriage should also get rid of the dross, the first thing to lose is the romantic complex. 

Two years ago, I, a beautiful and elegant flower design, a romantic woman, was duty-bound to marry Xing Lun, an IT man who was not handsome or rich but romantic. 

At that time, Xing Lun sent me as many roses as a room; Xing Lun wrote "I love you" on Haagen-Dazs ice cream; Xing Lun shouted on the radio in the restaurant: Lin Lu if I had a boat ticket, would you come with me? 

It's so romantic, so creative. 

But since when did it change? 

Xing Lun is very different from being in love now. 

Workaholic Xing Lun, the number of business trips is proportional to the number of times I go shopping; when I answer the phone, I always say, "busy, I'll talk about it later." No matter how wonderful the movie is, I will fall asleep. I went to the United States to inspect the software market for 40 days. I came back and said, Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot to buy you a present! 

He is intentional, I think, he has a huge plot, that is gradually cut off my romantic complex. 

Yes, he said 40 days ago. Romance is the dross of marriage. 

On Valentine's Day, Xing Lun called to say that we have to work overtime in the evening. Let's have lunch together. 

Candlelight lunch? 

I'm speechless. 

At noon, I made a reservation to wait for him. 

Who knows to sit in the restaurant until closing time, only to see his figure, empty-handed, not even a bouquet of roses. 

Even when I was angry and hungry, I was so disappointed that I didn't care about the occasion. I just came up with a bombardment. 

He stared and said that the boss arranged, what can I do? 

I didn't mean to be late, not to mention that we are not lovers, so we will skip this festival and give you International Working Women's Day directly. 

Besides, there is nothing to show off when a 30-year-old woman receives flowers, only to prove that she has not succeeded in marrying herself. You should be glad. 

The waiter was so amused by a word that I was so angry that as soon as I dropped my chopsticks, I turned my head and left. 

When I got home, I got into bed, sulked my head, and waited for my husband to coax me. 

How can he come back after packing slowly, saying that hairy crabs are so expensive and what a pity to waste them? 

Then lift the quilt and order me to get up and eat, replenish my energy and then continue to be angry. 

I scrambled to get up and roared, "can't you coax me, will gentleness kill you?" 

The husband skimmed his lips: I'm sorry I don't have time. I have to go to work. Let's go. 

On the afternoon of Valentine's Day, I walked depressed in the street, where girls were holding bright roses in their hands, while I was alone and empty-handed. 

Unwittingly walked into the flower bed. 

The man who looked at the flower bed was an old couple. We knew each other very well because of our work. 

Seeing my figure, the old lady thought I had come to collect flowers and hurriedly got up. 

I waved my hand and said I was just looking around. 

The old lady squatted down again and continued to prune the flowers. 

I picked up a bright yellow leaf and asked, "aren't these Mona Lite's petals?" 

Why cut it off? " 

"it looks like petals, but it's a weed, and it's hard to tell if you don't distinguish it carefully. 

Weeds will compete with flowers to absorb nutrients, and if they are not cut in the bud, the flowers will wither early. " 

The old lady's wrinkled face is engraved with vicissitudes of life, but the smile in each wrinkle is so sincere. 

"if a flower seed is to bloom like a flower in full bloom, in addition to the appropriate climate and environment, it is necessary to constantly prune weeds and weed out dross so that nutrients can be completely absorbed by the flowers." 

Hearing this, my heart was moved, and I suddenly remembered that Xing Lun said that marriage should also get rid of the dross, and the first thing to lose is your romantic complex. 

But is romance a weed or fertilizer for the flower of marriage? 

"Uncle will send you different flowers every day. 

How happy it is to live in a romantic atmosphere for decades! " 

I said. 

"Miss Lin, you still don't understand. The man who brings you happiness is not the man who sends you flowers every day, but …" 

At this point, the old lady stood up. I chased and asked, but what is it? 

Then the old man asked the old lady to go in and take the medicine, and the old lady pointed to the house, "but the man who supervises you to drink and eat." 

I thought of Xing Lun thoughtfully. 

I forgot my keys and wandered the street when suddenly a severe abdominal pain hit me, which made me bend over and moan. 

Hurriedly took out the phone and called her husband. 

3 minutes, a friend living nearby came to take me to the nearest hospital, 10 minutes, my husband also arrived. 

It was very thoughtful of him to arrange for his friends to come first because it would take at least 10 minutes to come from his company. 

The doctor said it's okay, intestinal spasm. 

My husband's frown stretched out, pinched my nose, and said, Miss, don't scare me again! 

The old lady's words suddenly rang in my ear: the man who can give you happiness is the man who supervises you to drink and eat. 

The next day, I officially took over the task that had belonged to my husband since my wedding day-to buy breakfast, but instead of Yonghe soymilk, which I always admired, I bought a 1-yuan bag of soya-bean milk in the breakfast shop downstairs. 

The husband ridiculed: "didn't you say that I don't know how to be romantic and have no mood?" 

You buy this kind of thing, too? " 

I gave him a white look. "living life is like eating soya-bean milk. It has no taste but can fill your stomach!"