A rose with thorns

/September 2021

When I got together with my husband, it was a day in late spring and early summer, and the air was warm, refreshing, and pleasant. 

When I first met my husband, he was burly, mature, and stable, and his clean white shirt was spotless. 

He speaks elegantly and elegantly. 

It is not too much to describe our encounter with love at first sight. 

After a short period of two months, we walked happily together. 

People say that love like lightning will disappear like lightning. 

However, our love is like old wine, fragrant for a long time. 

In life and work, we understand each other, support each other, encourage each other and make progress together. 

With the promotion of her husband's position, his work is getting busier and busier, his social activities are more and more, and his time at home is reduced. 

I am not confused, but I have become more afraid of loneliness. 

When I come home from work every day, I can't help calling him: "when are you coming home?" 

On the phone, he didn't say, "I'm in a meeting, don't wait for me to have dinner", that is, "I have a reception mission tonight, so I can't go home early." sometimes, he even said, "I'm busy. What can I do for you?" 

It's okay to hang up. "just get rid of me. 

The impatient tone made my heart cold for a moment. 

Every time I hear my husband's words on the phone, I think of the red sorghum that forgot to harvest in the fields after autumn, fluttering alone in the bleak autumn wind. 

Whenever at this time, my heart will pass a trace of desolation, and then boundless grievances. 

Eat alone, often make do, a cold meal and a hot meal, hungry a full meal. 

On a quiet night, in a big house, I was alone. 

To pass a hard time, I cleaned my room, took a towel, lay down on the floor, and wiped the floor bit by bit until it was spotless, and the glass coffee table and windows could be used as mirrors. 

It is not so much wiping the floor and windows as wiping the loneliness in my heart. 

I also set up a library card in Xinhua Bookstore. 

On a cold winter night, when I was alone, I would read a book wrapped in a quilt. I saw that I was very sleepy and didn't want to fall asleep, waiting for him to come home. 

He always comes home late, and I always fall asleep before he gets home. 

The next morning, we were always in a hurry, looking at our watches and filling our stomachs at random, so we went to our respective units. 

For a long time, I am not only tired of this kind of life but also have had endless complaints. 

Re-examine this family, there should be a warm love, but the communication between us is increasingly sparse, the family seems to be much thinner. 

As the days went by, my grievances grew thicker and thicker, and my heart was filled with a sense of loss that I had never felt since I got married. 

I have seen the calendar early, and our wedding anniversary this year happens to be a weekend, and he said that he would accompany me well. 

However, early that morning, the leader of their unit called and asked him to accompany him to inspect the newly built chemical base. 

When he left home with a little guilt, I was out of my mind, and my tears meandered wantonly with grievances. 

At night, as soon as he entered the house, the anger in my heart erupted like a volcano. 

I changed my old lady image, like a complaining woman, Chen Guzi, rotten sesame, chattering, and impassioned speech. 

My husband's tone was also aggrieved and tough, and he growled: "I'm so busy, even if you don't care, you can understand it!" 

I was silent. 

On the weekend, to adjust my mood, I made an appointment with my best friend to go to the nearby rose garden to enjoy the flowers. 

In early summer, the breeze is refreshing and the flowers are in full bloom. 

In the rose garden, red roses, white roses, purple roses, yellow roses. 

Colorful, contending for beauty, really should be the sentence "roses fragrance like the sea". 

I greedily enjoyed this visual feast and wanted to keep this beautiful moment. 

So, I carefully plucked away the roses, posed for various positions, and took pictures frequently in the colorful and beautiful rose bushes. 

Suddenly, there was a tingling. 

If you look carefully, you can see that your finger has been cut by a rose thorn. 

I put my finger in my mouth and sucked gently, and a thought flashed through my mind: isn't my recent family conflict the same as being scratched by this prickly rose? 

Between husband and wife, no matter how much they appreciate each other, there is bound to be a factor of disharmony, and the most important thing is that we should learn to be considerate and tolerant. 

When the husband is middle-aged, he shoulders the responsibility for his family and work, and silently bears the pressure from all sides. 

I should, as always, support him, encourage him and help him. 

But during this time, I only took care of my inner feelings, did not pay any attention to his mood, but also made a lot of noise to add to his block. 

Think about it, you really shouldn't. 

When I came home from the rose garden, I specially bought eight beautiful and burning red roses to take home to my husband, to express my deep apology to him. 

I hope our marriage, like a fiery rose, blossoms beautifully in understanding and tolerance.

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