A wedding forty years late

/September 2021

In October, 1968, Wen Lei went to the countryside with the educated youth in big cities, and was assigned to a production team of a brigade in the deep forest of the county. A Shanghai girl named Ping Cui was assigned to an adjacent production team.

A wedding that was 40 years late, Wen Lei was sent to the promising countryside. Trilogy of daily life, earning work points, cutting wood for cooking, and washing clothes in the river. Ping Cui has been released from Shanghai to the mountainous area of southern Anhui, with green hills and bamboo, which is novel and fresh, especially the stream flowing and crystal clear. Washing clothes by the river in the evening, looking at the beautiful reflection of the water, Ping Cui sang softly: "In that far away place, there is a good girl. People have to look back and look at her tent ..."

One day, Ping Cui was washing clothes. The washbasin beside him was washed into the river by the stream. Ping Cui chased barefoot. At the moment when he was about to catch up with the washbasin, his foot slipped and fell into the river. "Help!" At the moment of falling, Ping Cui saw a wooden bridge not far away, and one person threw down the firewood and ran towards her ...

Woke up, Ping Cui has been sleeping in bed. The landlord aunt brought her a bowl of steaming noodles, and the aunt told her that the person who saved her was Wen Lei, a county educated youth who was sent down by her neighboring team.

A week later, Wen Lei came to see her and brought six eggs with her face full of simplicity and simplicity. Since then, the two young people have been getting closer and closer, setting sun and reflecting the red hills; Autumn is crisp and chrysanthemum is fragrant; Small bridge along the river, go hand in hand. Two years later, happiness fell from heaven, and both of them were recruited to state-owned enterprises in the county. Getting to know each other, knowing each other, loving each other, and holding weddings have become a matter of course.

Thinking of getting a license tomorrow and becoming his bride, Ping Cui was very happy in his heart. An inexplicable heat wave evaporated from his heart round after round. Unfortunately, before the rising sun rose, Ping Cui's roommate's girlfriend ran to Wenlei's residence sweating profusely to inform him that Ping Cui had a high fever at night and had been sent to the county hospital for treatment. Wen Lei rushed to the hospital, and when Ping Cui woke up, he grabbed Wen Lei's hand and shed tears of guilt in his eyes. "Everything will be fine." Wen Lei's comfort is sincere and helpless. The doctor suggested immediate transfer.

After half a month of treatment in the hospital, the chief doctor told Wen Lei: "Your girlfriend is suffering from rheumatic syndrome, and the organs of hands and feet will gradually shrink. This disease is difficult to cure, so you should be prepared for a long time." "Ah? !” Wen Lei, full of hope, was at a loss for a moment.

After returning to the county seat, the unit gave Ping Cui a small single room. Ping Cui's parents entrusted her daughter to Wen Lei and went back to Shanghai with exhaustion, haggard and anxiety. Every morning, Wen Lei will come to Ping Cui's residence, start a coal stove, boil water, make breakfast and fry traditional Chinese medicine. After everything is in order, he will go to work on time. After work at noon and afternoon, Wen Lei will come to Ping Cui's residence at the first time, do everything well, and then drag his heavy steps back to his dormitory.

The holiday weather is sunny, and Wen Lei will push Ping Cui to the outskirts of the county by bicycle, watching the red leaves in the west of the water, the butterflies flying by the Prince Spring; It was rainy and rainy on weekends, and there was a world of two people indoors. Wen Lei told about what he saw and heard every day, and recalled together the years when he lived in the mountains.

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Six years passed quietly, and the good news of resuming the college entrance examination in 1977 spread to every corner of the county. Ping Cui's hands and feet have partially shrunk, and she can't sleep on the eve of the college entrance examination. Wen Lei is 30 years old, so he can't be dragged down any longer. Ping Cui finally made the most painful choice in his life. The next morning, Ping Cui put a letter to her parents in the mailbox with tears in her eyes.

At the end of the three-day college entrance examination, Wen Lei excitedly came to Ping Cui's residence, leaving a letter on the desk: "Wen Lei, I have been taken back to Shanghai by my mother, thank you for taking care of me for so many years, my physical reasons make us unable to be together forever. Forget me, Ping Cui."

Wen Lei burst into tears. Later, a wolf-like howl came from inside.

Wen Lei met a pockmarked middle-aged man at his parents' home in Ping Cui, Shanghai. Ping Cui's parents told him that this is Ping Cui's fiance. The pockmarked middle-aged man is very polite. He holds his hand like a fitter, and deeply thanks the country friend for taking care of his fiancee for many years. Wen Lei racked his brains and tried his best to meet Ping Cui. Ten days later, he returned to the county seat in the truck of the county native product company.

Wen Lei was admitted to the accounting department of a university in Nanjing. When she came back from summer vacation, her sister introduced him to a rural girl named Chunlan. He couldn't refuse the humpback elder sister. As a boy, Wen Lei was handed down from three generations, and his sister brought him up. He felt that his sister had bent herself into a bridge, which made him reach the other side of success. If Niang was alive, she would certainly be like her elder sister.

Marriage without love tastes like chewing wax. After graduating from college, Wen Lei went to the south with Ping Cui in his heart. Wen Lei worked mechanically in an accounting firm. After the gold rush failed, Wen Lei quickly returned to the county seat and worked as an accounting supervisor in a commercial company.

One night a few years later, Chunlan broke up with her unhappy husband. Wen Lei said: "I know I am sorry for you, but I really can't change my original intention. Thank you for understanding me." Marriage is a way of life, but when this way is not suitable, breaking up is the wisest choice. Wen Lei took a photo under the glass plate and left the rest to Chunlan.

Years after years, Wen Lei lived his own life in his memory, and the spring bloomed. He got up in the middle of the night, sat down against the window, and saw the fading dark clouds and the rising moon. The moon is round and the water is flowing. The Ping Cui by the stream is so beautiful, and its eyes are like blue spring water, full of calm and rippling Ming Che. Heaven is unfair, where are Iraqis today?

Finally, one day, God was merciful. Wen Lei learned from a close friend of Ping Cui that the pockmarked middle-aged man he met in Shanghai was not Ping Cui's fiance at all, but Ping Cui's cousin. Ping Cui's parents have died one after another, and now she lives with her sister in Shanghai.

At Ping Cui's sister's house, Wen Lei met Ping Cui lying in bed. For forty years, Ping Cui's beautiful hair was covered with silver. Her beautiful body was entangled with the disease, and her misty eyes were as helpless as a baby, accumulating a deep sorrow for her painful choice.

"You have come!" Wen Lei suddenly appeared, and Ping Cui's eyes lit up, which was clearly a longing for life, and a final begging for the first love in girlhood.

"Come home with me!" He gently held her in his arms, and the deep and soft voice, the most familiar body, and the once strong and tough arms all made her have mixed feelings.

Both sides acquiesced in the pure land in the deepest part of my heart, "love!" There is the support of the last fallen leaf.

In the county town, they held a wedding. Ping Cui was in a wheelchair wearing a white wedding dress, and Wen Lei was wearing a brand-new dress. With the blessings of relatives and friends, he pushed her slowly into the wedding banquet hall. Chunlan couple, busy before and after; Sister and brother-in-law, mixed feelings. For the wedding that was 40 years late, people lamented that the love in that era was as pure as the clear and clean sky without pollution at that time, and all the people attending the wedding shed moving tears.

Disease can't stop the flowers of love from blooming beautifully, and time can't destroy the true love hidden in my heart. Old is the years, but love will always be young. True love lasts forever, with rosy clouds all over the sky.