Accompanying is the most affectionate confession

/September 2021

From the first day of my grandmother's marriage to my grandfather, my grandfather didn't let my grandmother do housework, and my grandfather took care of all three meals a day. Two people got married at the age of 18, and my grandmother died at the age of 78. My grandfather took care of my grandmother for 60 years.

In the past 60 years, my grandfather has been willing to serve his old woman without complaint or regret. Even if my grandmother suffers from senile dementia and cannot take care of herself, he needs to take care of her 24 hours a day, but it is not because she occupies all his time that he can't go out to chat and drink tea with his old friends.

Who all don't know how grandpa got here all his life, married a woman, and worked as a cow and a horse for her all his life.

He won't talk about the word "love", and he can't say anything touching. The word romance never exists in their dictionary, and love is made day after day.

Their love is just like Mu Xin's poem: "In the past, letters were slow, horses and chariots were far away, and they only loved one person all their lives". If you choose a person, you must join hands for life and never give up.

In many things, we just have to stick to it a little bit, and the result will be different. You will find that witnessing a person's transition from youth and ignorance to maturity makes people feel a sense of accomplishment. You will also find that playing a game for fifteen years is a unique experience in your life. You have witnessed each other's growth and watched each other get better and better.

Love a person, love a thing, no matter when it comes, don't forget the reason why it makes you feel excited at first sight. No matter how long you have gone, please stick to your heart, don't change your love, stick to your choice, and don't regret it.

From 2002 to now, Westward Journey has accompanied players for fifteen years. In the past fifteen years, Westward Journey has had countless players and accompanied countless people through their youth; Become an indelible memory of growing up for generations. Along the way, a Chinese odyssey has always adhered to its original intention and ingenuity, constantly innovating, and dedicating the warmest companionship to its players. In 2017, a Chinese odyssey was 15 years old, and companionship was the longest confession.

Talking big wants to tell players that we have never changed our love and companionship is the longest confession.

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