All the fish in Houhai know that I love you-1

/November 2021

The day Cheng Jiaying came back from Seattle, Jiang Zhili went to pick him up. 

She rummaged through the cabinets to find the bright red corduroy cotton-padded jacket, but her nose was still pantothenic. 

The only souvenir that can witness them being lovers for a day has become crumpled. 

The bright red color seems to be covered by time. 

At the airport, Cheng Jiaying saw the eye-catching red, waved to her across the sea of people, and shouted: Jiang Zhili! 

I'm here! 

Zhili saw him look like a giraffe in the crowd and instantly believed the joke that American hamburgers could grow taller. 

Zhili was about to pounce for a bear hug, but her flower-like expression wilted when she saw the blonde next to him. 

After introducing Zhili and that exotic beauty to each other, Jiaying excitedly spoke Chinese to Zhili and English to the foreign girl at the same time. 

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As for what he said, Zhili was not in the mood to listen. 

Zhili only knew that Jiaying patted her on the shoulder and said to the foreign girl: she is my friend and grew up together. 

That sentence "buddy" immediately froze her fiery heart, and her red lantern-like cotton-padded jacket made her feel inferior. 

When he passed the big mirror at the airport, Zhili wanted to take it off, while the exotic beauty on Cheng Jiaying's right swaggered confidently, joking and laughing with Cheng Jiaying, eager to kiss his face. 

Cheng Jiaying doesn't seem to remember the bright red cotton-padded jacket at all. 

People came and went to the airport. Zhili always thought that the people who saw the three of them were saying, "Hey, look at that bright red light bulb." 

The fish in the back sea must have heard it. 

Zhili picked up the airport with the mentality of an old lover but came back with the title of the light bulb. 

When Cheng Jiaying got home, he called her and asked her to attend his buddy party, which was completely rejected by Zhili. 

Zhili will never forget that in the third year of high school, Cheng Jia should be lovelorn on the eve of Valentine's Day. 

But I made an appointment with my buddy to take my girlfriend to Houhai for a drink on Valentine's Day. 

He sprawled on the table and asked Zhili to give him some advice.