All the fish in Houhai know that I love you-2

/November 2021

Can you take me there? 

Zhi said with careful thought. 

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Come on, who doesn't know you're my buddy, and you're so tall. 

He glanced at Zhili and went on sighing. 

Let me go. I have to think about it! 

Zhili deliberately raised his head and spoke loudly and looked at the bare branches outside the window. 

In the end, Cheng Jia should be swollen and fat or pull Zhili to go. 

Zhili was impressed. He hated that she was dressed like a man and went to the street to buy her a bright red cotton-padded jacket. 

That day, Cheng Jiaying looked at Zhili, who was half a head taller than him, propped up his chin, and said, "in fact, if you were shorter than me, I wouldn't have to be so upset." 

In Houhai, Zhili and a group of his friends ate and drank, and everyone was drunk. 

Wanting to blow on the stone bridge, Cheng Jia stumbled on Zhili when she went up the steps and forced her off the fence. 

When Zhili fell into the water, I heard Cheng Jiaying shout in panic: who can swim? come and save my brother! 

Zhili thought, probably only she and the fish in Houhai heard her cry in the water: I'm not your fucking buddy! 

If you grow taller than you, you can look yourself in the eye. 

A week after Cheng Jia returned to Beijing, she was blocked downstairs in Zhili's company. 

The first thing he said was, Jiang Zhili, Don't you want me? 

He leaned against the post, the rogue posture, and the tongue-in-cheek tone, but Zhili almost burst into tears. 

Get out! 

Sir, I'm very busy. 

Zhili strides ahead, and now he is half a head taller than Zhili. Zhili doesn't even dare to look him in the eye. 

He chased after her and asked her if she had a boyfriend. 

When will you introduce him to his family? 

She said, of course, there is. She has met her parents and will introduce him one day when she is free. 

He was happy to hear what she said against her will.