All the fish in Houhai know that I love you-3

/November 2021

Jiang Zhili and Cheng Jiaying have known each other since kindergarten, all the way to high school and then to the same university. 

On the night of Valentine's Day in the third year of high school, Zhili fell into the water, but Cheng Jiaying, who still couldn't swim, saved her. 

When Zhili woke up in the hospital, he saw him lying on the bed next to her. The doctor said he has just fallen asleep with a fever. 

Zhili crept into the bed and imprinted her first kiss on his lips when no one was prepared, a heart banging like a deer. 

After graduating from her sophomore year, Cheng Jia went to Seattle. 

At that time, Jiaying 174cm, Zhili 176cm. 

In the waiting room of the airport, Zhili cried and shouted goodbye to him. 

Cheng Jiaying said, however, as a woman of 176cm height, it is too pretentious for you to cry like this. 

Zhili was then forced to hold back the general tears of mountain torrents and watched him walk into the security check. 

At three o'clock in the morning in Beijing, Zhili received a phone call from him to announce that he was safe. He cried himself hoarse at the other end. 

After crying, he said, it turns out that the men in 174cm are more pretentious than the women in 176cm. 

During the meal, Cheng Jia should hold the lemon juice and say to Zhili: Jiang Zhili, since I am taller than you, I can look you in the eye. 

The world only allows small people to be pitiful. 

Although Zhili said that he had a boyfriend, Cheng Jiaying still played hooligans unscrupulously, relying on being taller than her, holding Zhili's shoulders in the streets and alleys. 

Where's your foreign girl? 

Zhili asked carelessly. 

She's just someone I met on the plane, so she went her way when she got off the plane. 

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He answered easily. 

You're a rascal! 

Zhili made a loud noise on purpose, but his heart blossomed with delight. 

Zhili's mother saw Cheng Jiaying, who was shoulder to shoulder with Zhili in the city and dragged Cheng Jiaying home without saying a word. 

It was obvious that Cheng Jia should have become a future son-in-law. Zhili refused to listen to any explanation and watched her mother expose her lies.