All the fish in Houhai know that I love you-4

/November 2021

Xiao Cheng, right? 

When you were a child, you came to our house. Zhili said that you had just returned from the United States. 

I said how come we haven't been in love for so many years? we were waiting for you. 

Zhili's mother laughed as she talked and kept Cheng Jiaying for dinner at home. 

While her mother went in to pour tea, Zhi Li La started Jiaying and rushed downstairs. 

Cheng Jiaying ran downstairs and said, Jiang Zhili, you lied to me! 

I can't believe you haven't been in love for so many years. 

Cheng Jia should remember that when he was in Seattle, she called to ask Zhili about her love affair. She said she was in love and broke up again two days later, and he laughed at her that breaking up was faster than flipping through a book. 

Zhili pretended not to hear, took Cheng Jiaying's hand, and ran for a long time. 

The wind roared past her ears, like a sound of ridicule, laughing at her timidity. 

For so many years, she only liked him, but she dared not say anything. 

This kind of love, which arises from feelings, often becomes the end of friendship when it is said rashly when there is no certainty. 

Jiang Zhili is very clear about this, and Xu Chengjia may also understand it. 

That night, Zhili said nothing and dragged Cheng Jia to the big stall to get drunk. 

He drank with her unknowingly, and he said why you suddenly became hypocritical. 

Zhili suddenly stood up and held up the wine bottle and shouted to him, is it possible that in this world, only the little girl is allowed to be pitiful, and I Jiangzhili is occasionally vulnerable and will be regarded as pretentious? 

get out of here! 

Cheng Jiaying froze on the spot. 

On the sixth floor, ring your name. 

Zhili's home is in the old city near Tongzhou. On the sixth floor, there is no elevator. 

There are no street lights outside the houses in the old city, only sound lights are installed on each floor. 

Before Zhili didn't like Cheng Jiaying, he always shouted his name to light the lamp. 

From the third year of junior high school, she came home from school at night and stood in the corridor on the first floor shouting "Cheng Jiaying". She shouted on each floor until she reached the sixth floor for more than a decade. 

The smallest consolation for this kind of love, which can only be hidden in the bottom of my heart, is that when his name is called, there is light. 

Since the last time Cheng Jia and Cheng Jia should have been very drunk, Zhili began to find an excuse not to see him. 

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She has been wondering whether to show her heart to Cheng Jiaying.