All the fish in Houhai know that I love you-5

/November 2021

Two weeks later in the evening, Zhili came home from work and started shouting from the first floor as usual. 

Cheng Jiaying, Cheng Jiaying! 

On the sixth floor, the lights came on as usual. 

Jiang Zhili, you. 

She looked up immediately with fear and saw Cheng Jiaying leaning against her house's security door with a shocked look on her face. 

There is also a step, Zhili suspended feet suddenly do not know where to put. 

Cheng Jiaying does not seem to have regained consciousness: because you have been avoiding me, you have no choice but to come over. 

Zhili looked straight at him and stopped talking. 

There was silence and the voice lights went out. 

In the dark, it seems that only two people can be heard breathing. 

It's just that your name is more catchy. 

Zhili spoke, and the lights came on, but before he finished, he was interrupted by Cheng Jiaying. 

Jiang Zhili, you have a crush on me. 

Hey, don't run! 

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Zhili wouldn't listen, walked crazily on her long legs, and stomped downstairs. 

Jiang Zhili, I've always loved you. 

Since the sound-controlled light incident, Zhili has been thoroughly shielded by telephone, Email, and MSN. 

Why do you want to avoid him? Zhili can't tell. Anyway, he is afraid. 

Maybe everyone will be as nervous as Zhili when they are so infinitely close to their dreams for many years. 

When I went home on the fourth night, Zhili went up to the sixth floor. I thought I shouted "Cheng Jiaying". The lights were on, and Cheng Jiaying's voice came from the air. I was there. 

Zhili suddenly looked up and found Jiaying walking down the stairs on the seventh floor. 

Zhili wanted to run again, but Jiaying rushed up and grabbed his wrist, and forced him into the corner. 

"Jiang Zhili, do you know I have always liked you for so many years, but you have always regarded me as a buddy. I tried it several times before I went abroad, and you ignored me before I left. 

When I go back to Beijing this time, the first person I want to see is you. " 

To Cheng Jiaying, Jiang Zhili was aggrieved, and it was clear that he regarded himself as a friend. 

"Cheng Jiaying, I like you, yes. 

In the past, you always disliked me for being taller than you, and I was your buddy for more than ten years. 

The only day is a couple's day, you still call me buddy, you let the fish in Houhai laugh at me. " 

Zhili gasped nervously. "so go to Houhai now and tell those fish I'm not your buddy!" 

Well, how do you say it? 

Cheng Jia asked, scratching the back of his head. 

Jump into Houhai, of course, and shout, Jiang Zhili, I love you! 

Zhili was just talking. Unexpectedly, Cheng Jia pulled her and went to Houhai and jumped in front of her. 

The difference is, he shouted-Jiang Zhili, I have always loved you.