And I'm waiting for you-1

/November 2021

Jian Yu and Chen Cang-er sat quietly, and no one mentioned the kiss again. 

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Yes, Jian Yu kissed Chen Cancer, October, which smelled of summer in the breeze. 

The kiss was an accident. Seeing Chen Cancer's flustered appearance, Jian Yu believed that she did not walk into her heart. 

When he returned to the dormitory, he could not help thinking of the time when he first met Chen Cancer. 

It was in the first English class of freshman year, and Jane Yu was fast asleep. 

The teacher finally couldn't watch anymore and called him up to answer the question. Jian Yu stood in a trance. 

When he heard someone laughing, he turned around and saw some girls. 

Chen Cancer was also among them, and Jane Yu was impressed by her special quietness. 

Although Jianyu had a good impression of Chen Cancer, she did not take the initiative to get to know her. 

To Jian Yu's surprise, Chen Cancer called him and invited him to dinner because he helped pass on his English homework. 

Chen Cancer is a computer illiterate and often can't even download a song, so he often has to help pass on his homework. 

They ate in a small restaurant near the school. They chatted happily and went shopping together after dinner. 

When they are familiar with each other, they often joke about eating for the first time, eating and shopping, and the standard action of couples. 

Several times, Jianyu said solemnly to Cancer, "be my girlfriend. I've been chasing you for so long." 

Chen Cancer always pretended to be surprised, and then smiled mysteriously: "good." 

At this time, Jian Yu is always unable to take it. 

The first time I heard Sheng's name from Cang'er 's mouth, the sensitive Jian Yu knew that Cang'er was in love. 

He was a little jealous, a little jealous, and told himself that as long as Cang's ears were happy. 

Jian Yu's days are the same, except for the girl who walks quietly by her side. 

Chen Cancer gave Jane Yu a beautiful book, saying that he was asked to write an article, and after writing it, she had the right to be the first to read it. 

When Chen Cancer reported her love, Jane Yu was still a few pages away from writing. 

Later, Cang'er seemed to forget this, and Jianyu stopped writing. 

Jian Yu did not disturb Chen Cang'er too much. Although he was bitter in his heart, he couldn't help laughing every time he saw Chen Cang'er 's bright smile on campus. 

They often contact each other by text messages.