And I'm waiting for you-2

/November 2021

The evening at the end of summer is always fascinating, the dryness and heat slowly recede, and there is only a slight heat in the head-on wind. 

It was such an evening that Jianyu received a phone call from Chen Cancer. Before he could speak, Chen Cancer cried bitterly in his ear. 

When he found Chen Cancer, curled up on the ground and crying under the flagpole, Jianyu breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that she had good arms and legs. 

He sat down silently, patted Chen Cang-er, and whispered, "Don't cry!" 

Chen Cancer still buried his head in tears. 

Tired of crying, she began to tell the whole story. 

It turned out that when she saw Sheng being very intimate with other girls, she went to find a winner. 

Two people quarreled, Sheng said the words of a breakup, stubborn Cang ear also did not return to go. 

"I don't want to break up." 

Watching Cancer repeat this sentence in a low voice, she is about to start another round of crying. Jane Yu thinks that she likes to win. 

"I'll think of something." 

Jian Yu said seriously. 

"what can you do?" 

Cang is absent-minded. 

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Send Cang er back to the dormitory, Jianyu invited Sheng to the playground. 

Jian Yu doesn't know Sheng very well, but he played basketball together. 

Standing on the quiet court, Sheng said, "I knew you would come to me, but I didn't expect you to move so fast." 

It seems that the ears carry a lot of weight in your heart. " 

Jian Yu did not show weakness: "Yes, I like her, but she treats me as a buddy." 

"I'm sure, but I just can't stand the look on her face when she talks about you in front of me, you know?" 

From Sheng's provocative and angry attitude, Jian Yu suddenly flinched when he saw jealousy. 

I can see that Sheng likes Cancer. 

Jianyu gritted her teeth and said, "can you promise to be good to her forever?" 

"if you can't see from her, I can do it!" 

A few days later, Chen Cancer made peace with Sheng, and the two gradually became models for campus lovers, and later became legends among their younger brothers and sisters. 

Jian Yu changed his cell phone number and began to work as an intern outside the school. He was seldom seen at school. 

When I took the graduation photo, Jian Yu, who had already got the company's offer, was on a business trip and did not go back to school. 

Chen Cancer and Sheng went south to work in Guangzhou and began to be busy with their new life. 

Half a year later, Chen Cancer received a courier, a book, which she gave to Jian Yu that year. 

The book is full of articles, and the last page contains a short message that reads: if I can, I would like to use my humble life in exchange for your happiness. You are like the most stubborn flower. I can't bear to see you wither. I hope you are still blooming when spring comes. 

Jane Yu wrote it herself.