Battlefield Love Letter

/September 2021

In the winter of 1943, the two armies fighting at Stalingrad were equally miserable.

German soldier Manet was wounded by shells at his waist. He was lying in the snow, with despair and hope drifting into the hazy sky, only Miriya's beautiful face flashed in front of him. He and Miriya used to be students of Berlin University. He had a deep crush on Miriya, but he knew that Miriya fell in love with a handsome boy-Deco, And this deco is squatting in a trench not far away at the moment.

Battlefield love letters were shot, "plop" and a man collapsed. When Manet saw it, it was Deco. His arm was broken and he lost a lot of blood. Deco also saw Manet, and his pale face showed a weak smile: "Dude, we can't leave anyone now."

Manet looked at Deco, and his heart was tight: Deco couldn't die, and Miriya couldn't live without him. He said to Deco, "Where's your bandage? I'll dress you up. You can still walk, you must return to Germany and return to Miriya. "

Deco shook his head in disappointment. "It's long gone. Forget it. I'll go to heaven with you." Manie touched the bandage, a cruel solution down. Suddenly, his wound was exposed, and blood flowed like a spring. Deco was shocked and pressed forward: "You are crazy, you will die soon."

Manie smiled indifferently: "I am not helping you, I am helping Miriya. It is her greatest happiness that you can come back to her." He moved to Deco's side and bandaged it up. It took a lot of time to wrap it up. Manie handed the dry food to Deco again: "Go quickly, the Soviet army is coming soon." Deco took the dry food bag, looked at Manet with tears in his eyes, and turned to withdraw to the north.

Looking at Deco's disappearing figure, Manie took out a pen, found a document paper that had not been burned out, and wrote it on the back-

"Dear Miriya: I don't know what to say, because death will come to me at any moment. But if I don't tell you now, I won't have a chance to tell you. My life is coming to an end, and I want to see you most. However, I can't see your beautiful eyes and golden hair again, and I can't listen to your beautiful poetry and moving singing. I regret why I didn't confess to you. Even if I was rejected by you, I have no regrets.

The war was cruel, which destroyed humanity and ruined the happiness of many young people. I don't believe Hitler's nonsense anymore. All I want most is your love. I don't want to die. I thought I would propose to you after the war, but I can't wait for this day.

The Russians appeared, coming in my direction, and I could hear the sound of boots. At this moment, I regret not giving my life to you, but the hateful war. I don't know if you will miss me, maybe you won't miss me. However, I do miss you all the time. Imagine what kind of person you will marry and how to spend your beautiful youth.

They have already seen me. God, can you give me another five minutes? Let me finish my heart to my lover, and let me go to heaven with peace of mind. When I get to heaven, I will wait for you, no matter how many years I wait. I'll ask you to marry me until you come.

It's too late to say it. I have already seen the muzzle of the black mass aiming at me. Farewell, Miriya, I will love you forever.

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Love you forever, Manet

A Soviet Red Army soldier found Manet and raised his hand with one shot. Manet looked back, holding the letter high with his arms, and his body suddenly collapsed.

The soldier stepped forward and took off the letter from Manet and handed it to the monitor. After seeing it, the squad leader immediately said to the soldiers, "This is indeed a very important document. You should hand it over to the headquarters. “

In 1993, this file was decrypted. When Miriya read this letter, she was already over 70 years old. She was like a sad swan, and she was crying silently all the time.