Be predestined to meet-1

/November 2021

The earth is round, if there is fate, even if the other party is at the ends of the earth, we will find each other. "this is what he said to everyone at the wedding, and then he hugged her and kissed her. 

She and he have been classmates since childhood, and he transferred to another school late. The teacher arranged for him to sit at the same table with her. After the teacher left, she took a piece of chalk out of her pocket, drew the 38th line from more than half of the desk, and then glared at him and said, "Don't cross it, otherwise." no, no, no. "no, no, no." no, no, no. " 

"Otherwise, if you cross off more than half of the table, how can I write?" he said hastily. 

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"I don't care," she said, lying on the table in the shape of a bat. 

Three semesters later, his seat was empty, and the teacher said he had been transferred to another school. She looked at the empty desk and felt a little uncomfortable. 

Many years later, she went to college, in school is the backbone of literature and art, her figure followed many eyes, but she was never moved, the heart is vaguely waiting, even she can not tell. 

Once she danced so carefully during the school rehearsal that even the people who came in didn't know it. When she finished, there was applause behind her. She turned her head and looked at a boy she didn't know. The boy went forward and asked her, "remember me?" she shook her head, but I still remember you. After singing, the boy sang about you at the same table and said, "remember that 38th parallel?" her eyes lit up: "Oh, it's you. I haven't seen you all these years." 

Handsome, hehe. No, no, no. no, no, no. " 

He also said: "you have changed and become a beautiful woman, hehe." 

In this way, they appeared on campus every day. She felt that her life had become so rich and colorful, and she slowly relied on him, and she also felt that his eyes had become so gentle, but they did not make it clear that they had a relationship when they graduated. 

He left school and chose to go back to his hometown. at the moment the train was about to start, he saw her figure. He shouted to her, "I'm here." she ran over and said, "have a safe journey." she slipped a note into his hand and told him he was watching after driving and ran away.