Be predestined to meet-2

/November 2021

He left school and chose to go back to his hometown. at the moment the train was about to start, he saw her figure. He shouted to her, "I'm here." she ran over and said, "have a safe journey." she slipped a note into his hand and told him he was watching after driving and ran away.

When the train started, he opened the note with only one sentence: "if we meet for the third time, it will prove that we are predestined, and I will marry you." 

He stuck his head out of the window, and whether she heard it or not, he shouted, "We will meet." 

Five years later, she went to Hangzhou on business. By this time, she had become more charming. There were many suitors around her. There was a boy with good conditions who followed her all the time, but she refused. She said to the boy, "I am waiting for someone. Forgive me." 

Hangzhou is beautiful and moving in the evening. She came to a small teahouse by the West Lake alone for tea. She saw the anxious look of a girl opposite. She seemed to be waiting for someone. After a while, a boy came and apologized to the girl and said, "Sorry, I'm late." the girl said with a gentle smile, "it doesn't matter, I've just been here soon." the two left hands in hand. 

She wondered when the person I was waiting for would show up. 

Then she heard a voice behind her say: "you said that if we could meet for the third time, you would marry me, would you do it?" she was surprised and looked around, he stood behind her, and he said, "I came to Hangzhou on business and passed by. I found you in a daze." no, no, no. " 

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Tears ran down her cheeks, and he came over, hugged her, and said, "Don't cry" patted her, and she hugged him tightly. 

"Let's get married," he said. 

No matter how far away you are, I will find you at the ends of the earth.