/September 2021

This moving emotion belongs to an unsurpassed business magnate.

He's gone. Everything he left behind still affects the world today.

This American named Jobs, his marriage lasted for 22 years.

Obviously, it is hard to marry an innovative madman who is respected and short-lived all over the world, because he is often too busy to remember anniversaries or birthdays. It can even be said that as early as the moment he decided to start a family, he only belonged to his dream and Qian Qian's "fruit powder".

Jobs felt that the sorriest person was his wife. So, at the last moment of his life, he decided to make compensation.

He reflected on how selfish and harsh he was. "Lauren has to deal with all this and take care of me who is sick," he said. "I know that living with me is not a pleasure." He decided to give his favorite person a yacht. At that time, the yacht was already being built by Dutch yacht customization company Feadship, but Jobs was still changing the design. "I know I may die and leave Lauren with a half-built yacht," he said, "but I have to keep doing it. If I don't do this, I admit that I am going to die. "

In 2009, Jobs said to his wife at the 20th wedding celebration: "Twenty years ago, we met and were strangers to each other, but we fell in love at first sight. The snowflakes in Awany bear witness to our pledge of eternal love. As time goes by, children grow up, and they have experienced sweetness and hardship, but no bitterness. Our love lasts forever, and we walk through a long life hand in hand with you. Although we are old, we are wiser, let wrinkles climb our faces, and let vicissitudes fill our hearts. "

After reading a paragraph, he was already crying.

After crying, he said he made a set of photos for every child. "I think they might like to see me once young."

Two years later, the man who set his idol as Socrates was recalled by God at the age of 56.

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