Bill Theory in Life-1

/November 2021

There will always be contradictions in their married life, and it is very important for them to communicate and tolerate each other if they want to build a happy family. 

Today, the editor is here to share some love stories related to marriage: the permanent bill theory in a happy life. Welcome to read! 

He had been married to her for 20xx years, and there was no impulse and interest between husband and wife. He felt more and more that he was almost a procedure and obligation to her, and he began to get tired of her. 

In particular, the unit transferred a young and lively girl and launched a crazy attack on him, and he suddenly felt that she was his second spring. 

After much consideration, he decided to divorce her. 

She also seemed numb, agreed to him calmly, and the two walked into the civil affairs department together. 

The formalities went smoothly, and after going out, the two were independent free men. 

For some reason, there was a sudden feeling of emptiness in his heart. He looked at her and said, "it's getting late. Let's go and have some dinner." 

She looked at him and said, "well, I heard that a new divorce hotel has been opened, which specializes in the last dinner for divorced couples. Why don't we go there and have a look." 

He nodded and the two walked silently into the divorce hotel. 

"good evening, sir and madam." 

As soon as the two sat down in the private room, the waiter came in and said, "what would you like to eat?" 

He looked at her and said, "order it." 

She shook her head. "I don't come out very often. I don't know much about this. You'd better order it." 

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"excuse me, sir and madam, there is a rule in our divorce hotel that the lady must order the gentleman's favorite dish and the gentleman must order the lady's favorite dish. This is called 'last memory'."