Bill Theory in Life-3

/November 2021

She shook all over, and there was a scene in front of her that 20xx had sent her flowers years ago. 

At that time, they had just arrived in this unaccompanied provincial capital, there was nothing, and everything started from scratch. 

During the day, they look for jobs everywhere and work hard. At night, in order to increase their income, she goes to a stall in the evening market, and he goes to wash dishes for others. 

It was very late that they returned to the cottage of less than 10 square meters rented in the basement together. 

Life is hard, but they are very happy. 

On the first Valentine's Day in the provincial capital, he bought the first red rose for himself. She was so happy that she burst into tears. 

20xx years, everything is all right, but the two people are moving towards separation. 

She thought, tears filled her eyes, she waved her hand and said, "No." 

He also thought of the past 20xx years, and he remembered that he hadn't bought her a rose for five or six years. 

He waved his hand and said, "No, I want to buy it." 

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However, the waitress picked up the rose, "brushed" and tore it in half, and threw it into two people's drink cups, and the roses actually dissolved in the drink. 

"this is a red rose specially made of glutinous rice in our hotel, and it is also the third dish for you, called 'the Beauty of Yingjing'. 

Take your time, sir and madam. Let me know if you need anything. " 

With that, the waitress turned and went out. 

"Oh, I." 

As soon as he took her hand, he was speechless. 

She drew her hand and stopped moving without twitching. 

The two men looked at each other quietly and could not say anything. 


Suddenly, the lights went out, the whole private room was dark, the alarm went off and a smell of smoke floated in.

"what's the matter?" 

The two men stood up hurriedly. 

"the shop is on fire, so let's go through the safe passage at once! 

Come on! " 

Outside, someone shouted at the top of his voice. 


She threw herself into his arms. "I'm afraid!" 

"Don't be afraid!" 

He hugged her tightly. "Honey, I'm here. 

Let's go and rush out! " 

Outside the private room was brightly lit and orderly, and nothing happened.