Bill Theory in Life-4

/November 2021

The waitress came over and said, "I'm sorry, sir and madam, to frighten you two." 

The hotel is not on fire, and the smell of smoke is specially put into the private room. This is our fourth dish, called 'Inner Choice'. 

Please go back to the private room. " 

He and she went back to the private room, the lights were still the same. 

He pulled her: "Honey, the service lady is right, just now that is the real choice for you and me." 

As a matter of fact, we can't live without each other. Shall we remarry tomorrow? " 

She bit her lip. "will you?" 

"I do. I understand everything now. We'll remarry first thing in the morning. 

Miss, the bill. " 

He shouted as he spoke. 

The waitress came in and handed each of them a delicate red list: "Hello, ladies and gentlemen, this is your bill, and it is also the last gift of the hotel, called 'everlasting bill'. Please keep it forever." 

He looked at the bill and burst into tears. 

"what's the matter with you?" 

She asked hurriedly. 

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He handed her the bill: "Honey, I was wrong. I'm sorry." 

When she opened the bill, she saw that it read: a warm home; two toiling hands; three more lights waiting for you to go home; the advice of the four seasons to pay attention to the body; meticulous care; the smile of a mother-in-law in his sixties; the care of the children from morning to night; protecting your prestige in all directions; nine kitchens for your favorite dish; ten years of lost youth for you. 

This is your wife. 

"husband, you have worked hard, and I have been indifferent to you all these years." 

She also handed him her own bill. 

When he opened the bill, it read: the responsibility of a man, the burden on his shoulders, the tiredness of running around in the middle of the night, the haste of running around, the grievances that could not be confided, the vicissitudes of life on his face, the obligations of seven aunts and eight aunts, the twists and turns of eight, the mortal with nine advantages and one defect, the true feelings for his family from time to time. 

This is your husband. 

The two men hugged each other and cried bitterly. 

After checking out, he and she thanked the manager and walked home hand in hand. 

Looking at their happy back, the manager smiled and nodded: "really happy, our divorce hotel has saved another family!"