Bring politeness into marriage

/October 2021

When they are in love, they are polite and polite to each other, so they are always in a happy mood when they date. 

After getting married, many people will think that they are all "their people". What else do you need to be polite? 

They may even feel that politeness will alienate the relationship between the two. 

In fact, on the contrary, just like the "hedgehog effect", rudeness will ruin the beauty of the marriage, too close will only stab each other. 

Bringing politeness into marriage not only does not alienate each other's feelings but helps to keep love fresh. 

As soon as the eldest sister in our office answered the phone, she said "Hello". 

After listening to the following conversation, I realized that it was her lover who called. 

We joked: "Sister, at such an old age, are you still so polite with your husband?" 

The eldest sister smiled: "this is not polite, this is polite." 

Hsiao-Tsing was a little disapproving: "Oh, what a hassle!" 

There are so many things, my husband is not an outsider, what is there to be afraid of? 

I just went straight to my family and didn't have that much politeness. " 

I echoed and said, "Yes, after a long time, I don't pay attention to it. I feel like a family, and there's nothing to be polite about." 

The eldest sister shook her head and said seriously, "No matter who you are, be polite." 

If you can do it to others, you should do it to those who are closest to you! 

When there is politeness in marriage, there is harmony. " 

Hearing what she said, everyone was silent and lost in thought. 

I have a friend who is separated from his military husband. 

Every time her husband calls, she begins with a "Hello" and ends with a "goodbye". 

I didn't understand, so I asked her, "Why are you still so polite with your husband?" 

She replied calmly, "I'm used to it. This should be the most basic courtesy when answering the phone." 

I was even more puzzled: "but the point is that you are calling your husband!" 

She smiled and said, "Yes, you think, no matter who calls you and hears a greeting, is it not happy in your heart?" 

I still greet others, that is my husband, I should greet him even more! " 

Politeness and gratitude are the most basic qualities of being a human being. 

We often think, why do our people bother to pay attention to this? 

No matter who you treat, you should be polite. 

This is especially true for those who are closest to them. 

Politeness is not an outsider, but a kind of respect and gratitude. 

There is also a need for politeness in marriage, which makes people feel more comfortable, even if they are reluctant to do so, they will not ignore each other's request. 

When you ask the other party to do something, you add a please word, and the other person will feel very comfortable; the other party has done something for you, and you say thank you, which will make the other person feel that you recognize his work. 

The two parties in the marriage are independent of each other and are not attached, no matter what they pay for each other, it is not taken for granted, but the exchange of emotion and love, with this kind of communication, there will be a beautiful marriage. 

If there is more politeness in marriage, there will be less awkwardness. 

If you are more polite, you will have more respect; if you are more polite, you will have more harmony; if you are more polite, you will have a little more understanding. 

A polite marriage will last longer.

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