By the time I'm fifty, I'll marry you-1

/November 2021

By the time I'm fifty, I'll marry you. 

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To say so, I am by no means angry, nor is it the cynicism that you call experiencing the vicissitudes of life and seeing through the hearts of the people. 

In fact, I am sober and sincere. 

When the words of the matchmaker, the constraints of parents' life has been freed, when the Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling) vows are in vain, your marriage and divorce from me, in essence, are no longer bound by any external conditions. 

Love and marriage have unprecedented freedom, and at the same time, they are also subject to unprecedented questioning and test. 

I have no intention to try easily, nor am I able to make unnecessary sacrifices. 

So, I want to know, apart from the biological mission of carrying on the family line, what else do we get married for? 

As a man, from physical ability, intelligence to ability, you can be good enough to survive alone. 

So, why did you choose to marry me? 

Because you and I work in the same city, or even happen to work in the same company on the same street, you can save a lot of time and fare of running back and forth? 

Because your colleagues and friends all travel in pairs, do you see that it is difficult to avoid the well-intentioned and slightly sympathetic care of others? 

Because you go out early and come back late every day, you are physically and mentally haggard, and you expect to have a steaming meal waiting for you when you get home? 

Because after wearing socks for a few days and throwing them at the corner of the bed, someone took them out and washed them silently the next day. 

Because when you are alone at home, someone talks with you; when you go out to play, someone guards the room for you? 

While you are having fun, you unwittingly send out a small sperm, and someone conceives him for you, takes ten months to take care of him carefully, then painfully gives birth to him, takes your last name, and then attaches himself to him and dedicates himself to him until death. 

As a woman, I have my own career and job. I don't have enough to eat and I won't starve to death. 

Why should I marry you? 

Just because of the urging of parents, the comparison of colleagues, the ambiguous greetings of relatives and friends during the holidays? 

Oppressed by the boss, you can have the courage to challenge it without fear of being fired, so you will be homeless, cold and hungry? 

When someone takes to the street, someone carries a bag, and the toilet is broken, so you don't have to run around to tell it that there is no way? 

Sick and injured, someone can help dial 120, so as not to call heaven and earth? 

In the dead of night, hearing the sound of footsteps hovering outside the door, will you not be so frightened that you stay awake at the corner of the bed all night?