By the time I'm fifty, I'll marry you-2

/November 2021

On the way to and from work, watching other people drag their families, can you be more reasonable and skimming by with your head held high? 

When you are lonely at night, you can be more comfortably entangled with you?

If only that were the case, there would be no need for us to get married now. 

We will encounter more, better, more nuanced and more considerate temptations in the future. 

Material dependence, when young, can not become an indestructible bond to maintain our marriage. 

However, when a villa can be exchanged for the most beautiful youth of a woman, and when a passbook can bring Chen Shimei back to life from the dead, it is very difficult for us to see clearly what love is and what is not. 

Love is not poverty, love is not vanity, love is not just a need. 

When some people divorce in order to get married, and others continue to marry after divorce, how can we tell what is love and what is marriage? 

If love is purely related to our feelings, then I will stick to it with you and enjoy the trust and self-discipline that time gives us, as well as the love and happiness that trust and self-discipline bring to us. 

If love still has something to do with life and others, then I will give you a chance to go back on your promise and leave a way out for your heart. 

A marriage letter, not an iron wall. 

If the people locked in the city want to get out, they can still get in the way. 

We don't need to use it to deceive each other against the vanity of a gentleman but not a villain. 

Not sure, not the only one, we are free to come and go. 

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However, we still choose to be together and depend on each other closely. 

So, that's the reason I want to get married. 

By the time I'm fifty, I'll marry you. 

No matter sickness, pain or disaster, I will accompany you through it. 

No longer unwilling, no more backing out. 

Because, the threat given to us by age, let us gradually understand: life and death, happy with the son, hold hands, and the son with the old, in addition to pure love, there may be such a reason-to depend on each other.