Cherish true love

/October 2021

When I met Lian, I had just ended a long relationship. My first love, which began as a sophomore, had gone through a bumpy road for six years. 

After knowing Lian, I easily "captured" her heart without too many sweet words. 

This love is a bit easy, so at the beginning, I felt that my passion was not released in my heart, and because I broke up with Juan, my dark mood bothered me, and I was in a hurry to unite with the lotus. 

On the first night of marriage, I paid no attention to my wife at all. when the guests left, I tried to give her a hard drink and spread my resentment against my first girlfriend on her body. 

My wife gently advised me that I had been tired all day. 

Take a break. 

I think she is belittling me. I ignored her kindness and threw myself into the "fight". 

Unexpectedly, everything seemed to have ended in a hurry at the beginning, and the first "painful" failure made me lose face. 

Although my wife comforted me and encouraged me, I felt Juan watching me as soon as I entered the state, and then I was as quickly discouraged as a punctured ball. 

As a result, I was defeated again and again, and I didn't even dare to face my wife. 

At first, my wife didn't mind too much about it. She was still gentle and considerate to me, and on weekdays she took great pains to find some remedies and tonics in an attempt to make our sex more passionate and indulgent, but every time I let her down. 

I began to run away from my wife consciously or unintentionally, either under the excuse of working overtime at night or finding a high-sounding reason to sleep in the cabin. 

Even the hint of my wife's dew, I can't bring up the slightest interest in "sex". 

After several days of repression, the wife quit. 

She suspected that I had no true love for her. 

My heart was not entirely on my wife at that time, and I still had a place for Juan, so in the face of my wife's cynicism, I became hysterical like a roaring angry lion. 

We often quarrel over trivial things and even fight each other. This boring day makes me feel suffocated from time to time, and I miss the good time with Juan even more. 

For a long time, I felt that it was not a way for me and my wife to go on so blindly in their sex life. Since I chose someone else, I tried to face her and love her. 

I began to deliberately create a loving atmosphere, I rushed to do the housework, and I tried to do this and that according to my wife's "taste". 

The wife seems to have eased a little. 

But she was still stubborn, and when I carefully tried to get close to her, she said she didn't feel anything and gave me an ultimatum to touch her less. 

The fire of passion that I had just kindled was quickly extinguished by "cold water". 

That night, lonely and helpless, I didn't go to sleep for a long time. 

I can't sleep. 

I gradually feel that I can't stand it. What should I do, brazenly ask for my wife? 

How can that be? 

Don't you want a man's self-esteem? 

This makes it easy for the wife to grasp his own "handle", and then there will be no good life at all. 

What am I supposed to do? who's going to save me? 

When there is nothing I can do, I can only use masturbation to get rid of my depression. 

Soon after, I was sent to the provincial capital on a business trip. 

The moment I left my wife, I had a beautiful feeling of breeze and light clouds, and in my subconscious, there was an idea of going out looking for an "affair". Unexpectedly, when I set foot in a different place and looked at the strange passers-by around me, my thoughts for my wife began to grow wildly. 

When the night came, I lay in the hotel bed thinking, unwittingly went to sleep, the dream of me "fierce", when that unstoppable passion hit, I have spermatorrhea. 

This is the first spermatorrhea since marriage, and I was terrified. 

I couldn't help sweating with a sense of guilt. I suddenly thought of my wife, and all I could think of was the benefits of my wife. 

Maybe it was the beauty of distance, and I couldn't help it any longer because I was eager to see my wife. 

After staying for a few days, I went home early. 

On the train back, I unexpectedly met my first girlfriend, Juan, and we all vaguely felt a bit of surprise and surprise. 

I seemed to notice something from Juanjuan's flushed and slightly pale face, but we each told "very good" lies against our will. 

A few days ago, I would have cried for joy to meet Juan, but today, I have found a way to return to my true love, and everyone has his ambition. Since Juan left me so heartless, she must have paid too much a heavy price. And my sorrow can only be swallowed in my stomach. 

Fortunately, this sadness has gone with the wind. 

I'm going to face my wife again. 

Let the long-lost love come back! 

When I got home, my wife was silently waiting by the phone. The moment she saw me, she suddenly turned her back to me and picked up something, but I saw tears in her eyes. 

I came forward impulsively and hugged my wife. she fell into my arms and beat me hard, asking why I didn't call her. she had been worrying about me all the time. 

I noticed my wife's haggard, I gently gathered her broken hair on the forehead, guilt, gratitude poured in together, I can only love her well to make up for my sins. 

I stroked my wife affectionately, and she responded enthusiastically to me. 

Looking at my wife's happiness, I became more and more passionate. 

Feeling the pride and pride of being a man for the first time, I happily bid farewell to the frustration and unhappiness of the past. 

I can't help but say a little crazily, "Honey, we're going to have a good 'enjoy' tonight." 

The wife was so excited that tears welled up in her eyes: "after more than two years of marriage, this is the first time I have heard you tell the truth, and for the first time I feel that you love me." 

I felt my wife's body shaking violently. 

That night, my wife said a lot to me, she said that as long as two people love each other and communicate with each other. 

Will fly freely in the sky of sex.

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