Cherry blossoms in Izu Peninsula-1

/October 2021

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After Jinchuan retired, his heart was full of longing for his future life. 

Now, he is not as busy as he was at work, and he can spend more time with his wife Minako. 

They can walk together, play with puppies and go shopping in the supermarket. 

One of the things he most wanted to do was to see the cherry blossoms with Minako. 

In Japan, there are countless places to watch cherry blossoms. 

However, in Takagawa's view, it is the real sense of cherry appreciation to leave Tokyo for the Izu Peninsula when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. 

The cherry trees there grow into a tunnel-like shape, several kilometers long. 

The way the cherry blossom tree grows is completely natural. 

Pedestrians walking on this road will be covered with soft petals. 

The air in Izu Peninsula is the best around April 5 every year. 

At this time is the season of Xiaoyangchun, with the best temperature to wear kimono. 

Back then, he fell in love with Minako at first sight because she was standing under the cherry tree in a kimono. 

After they fell in love, he made an agreement with her that he would bring you to enjoy the cherry blossoms when we had silver hair. 

However, Jinchuan never expected that retirement was like a nightmare on his body. 

That day, he happily went to the travel agency to book a trip and wanted to surprise his wife. 

However, when he got home, a tragedy happened-Minako died of a sudden cerebral hemorrhage. 

After his wife died, Jinchuan's life was in a mess. 

For more than 30 years, Jinchuan has been eating food cooked by his wife, and he has never cooked it himself. 

Even if I have time to stay at home, I never do any housework. 

Jinchuan, who is accustomed to enjoying it, now has to do it himself, even with a mouthful of tea or coffee. 

Clean the room, cook, do the laundry. 

Can you handle so much work by yourself? 

The most urgent thing is to ask a housekeeper to help me first. 

However, because of the lack of money, he lived on an annuity after his retirement, and he had no extra money to hire people at all. 

As a result, the home began to look dirtier and messy day by day. 

The most fatal thing is that his spirit is not as good as it used to be, he appears to be in the doldrums, and the whole person is aging rapidly. 

The son, who happened to come home to visit, was naturally very anxious when he saw his father like this.