Cherry blossoms in Izu Peninsula-2

/October 2021

More than a year has passed in the twinkling of an eye. 

On this day, Jinchuan drank beer with his head bored and threw wine bottles all over the place. 

Suddenly, the sound of my son's familiar footsteps sounded outside the door. 

His hair was disheveled and his clothes were untidy. 

As soon as the son entered the room, he casually threw the luggage roll on the tatami and said, "Dad, I'm lovelorn." 

Every time I get home and see the daily items I used to share with my girlfriend, I feel very uncomfortable. 

Can I move here and live with you for a while? " 

Deep down, Jinchuan wants to live with his son. 

But young people all have their own lives, and their sons live with their girlfriends. Naturally, they hate him very much, so the matter comes to an end. 

Now that his son has agreed to live with him, Tsunagawa certainly misses the pursuit of being unattainable. 

Seeing that his son bought a lot of food and went home, he immediately went to the kitchen to cook. 

In the past, Jinchuan used to make do to go to convenience stores to buy bread and cold food. 

But now that my son is at home, the situation will certainly be different. 

To avoid jokes, he also specially brought the recipes bought at home into the kitchen for reference. 

Jinchuan hurriedly went to wash rice, ready to cook his son's favorite sushi rice. 

It took him a long time to find the sushi bucket in the kitchen and put it in the sink for a long time before he washed it. 

Next, he began to bubble shiitake mushrooms and gourd strips. 

How long will it take to soak? 

After Jinchuan stayed for a while, he began to make shredded eggs in a pan. As a result, the eggs were too much and fried as thick as a piece of bread. 

The water boiled, but he couldn't find the seasoning for skipjack fish. 

When father and son had a hot meal, it was more than ten o'clock in the evening. 

The son looked at him helplessly and said, "Dad, I'll do it in the future. Please stop cooking."

Jinchuan is secretly determined to let his son eat delicious food in the future. 

But before he could practice his cooking skills, his son gave him another task. 

He brought back his pet dog and asked his father to walk the dog every day.

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