Cherry blossoms in Izu Peninsula-3

/October 2021

It is said that Mrs. Fujiwara nearby has a very beautiful daughter and has a beagle. The two old people can discuss the dog as a common topic. 

After getting acquainted with each other, Jinchuan began to consider introducing his son to Mrs. Fujiwara's daughter. 

The son often tells his father about his life plan. 

Tsunagawa nodded frequently, and for the first time he began to feel that he was not useless in life. Minako left, and he would take her place to worry about his son. 

Life suddenly became full. Every day, Jinchuan thought about how to take better care of his son's life and took the time to take the dog for a walk. At this time, the most pleasant thing for him was to chat with Mrs. Fujiwara. 

As the days passed, Jinchuan gradually emerged from the shadow of his wife's death. 

Life was full of sunshine again, and he and his widowed Mrs. Fujiwara became lovers. 

When Jinchuan asked Mrs. Fujiwara for her son to ask two young people to date, Mrs. Fujiwara said happily, "Don't you know that they are already a couple?" 

We have been in love for several years, and the relationship has always been good. Let's do the marriage for them this year. " 

It turned out that all this was an ingenious arrangement made by the son for fear of his father's loneliness. 

But the son revealed the real answer in front of Jinchuan. 

Before her death, Minako had told her son many times that in the event of an accident, she would help her father find a wife to accompany him to the Izu Peninsula to enjoy cherry blossoms and fulfill his wish. 

Knowing all this, the old man in Tsunagawa burst into tears, and he seemed to see the figure of Minako in a kimono again. 

That year, Jinchuan and his party of four went to the Izu Peninsula.

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